Recycled Xbox Gamertags Releasing May 18th

Starting on Wednesday, May 18th @2:00pm ET / 11:00AM PT, Microsoft will begin releasing nearly one million Gamertags.

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Jakens860d ago

I'm really happy about this.

vinniects860d ago

I hope moose knuckle is available

Fin_The_Human860d ago

Wonder if CowMoolester will be available.... I remember when MS banned that name.

Yetter860d ago

This is sweet. If the GT I want is available I'll glady pay to change it

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BillytheBarbarian860d ago

So many wasted gamertags from those 24 hr trial cards. They had to do something.

WildArmed860d ago

Yeah def. I know my friend used to make a new XBl account every time his1 month expired since he always got 1 month XBL free back on 360.

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