IGN: Warhammer Online Beta Hands-On

The Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Beta has been going on for quite some time now, but IGN hasn't been able to talk about it much until very recently. Overall, they think the delay between their first unrestricted play session and the green light to write about it has worked in the game's favor. It's not that Warhammer Online doesn't make a good first impression; the game's unique strengths are readily apparent within the first few hours of play.

The real benefit of getting a chance to run through several levels of content with a variety of characters is that IGN hs a much better sense of the overall big picture of the game and have come away impressed that the things that are fun at level 1 are still fun at level 20. There are obviously still some issues to address, but the overall appeal is undeniable.

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Harry1903757d ago

Does this game have to look so good? Splendid. I am at a lack of words to describe it, not to mention the Warhammer franchise name which is actually the main reason that this will attract thousands of players.

Baba19063757d ago

love it. my shaman will rock. cant wait.

JeepGamer3757d ago

"the game's unique strengths are readily apparent within the first few hours of play."

What? You mean when you're doing the bug hunts and fetch quests just like you do in every other MMO? In what way was that unique?

"have come away impressed that the things that are fun at level 1 are still fun at level 20."

I'm sorry again, but... Say what now? You're doing the same thing at level 20 that you were doing at level 1? This is suppose to instill people with confidence?

Public quests are largely just mad dashes to see who can kill steal the most mobs from each other the fastest. The intended purpose of public quests is to get everyone working together but for everyone one person willing to work with you there's two or three that want to kill steal everything in sight so they can get a bonus for their contribution to the battle. Implemented as it is currently, the public quest system is an interesting idea with a huge, gaping, undeniable flaw that comes close to ruining it.

Warhammer Online could have been released 5 years ago for all the 'new' things it brings to the genre.

Motojass3757d ago

I can see there is some skepticism but I assure you the overall feel of the game is fresh and new. Like most MMO's the fun doesn't kick in til you have a few abilities to work with. I have yet to get past LvL 30 but everything up to then was awesome for it being in beta still.

Baba19063757d ago

how is it a bad thing if lvl 1 and 20 are fun? gosh i wish that would have happend in AOC. till 20 it was fun after that it got booooring. Its not so much about innovation than about making a great pvp game. i cant find anything like this on the market. and i have tried everything in the mmoprg genre. and what did you think they would get rid of the lvling hunting? actually they did kind of. you are able to lvl all lvls with just pvp. so there you go.

StarsCream3757d ago

Bwahahahahaha *breathe* hahahahahahahahaa....

OBVIOUS TROLL IS ....well, you get the hint....

So funny, your lack of any substantial information that even resembles a grain of truth.

1. You dont do bug hunts/fetch quests. well, there are some fex-ex quests, but they pay big and not your typical 1/10th of normal quest xp. THERE ARE NO LVL1 RATS/BATS/PUPS whatever, you fight real mobs with very interesting story reasons FROM LEVEL ONE.

2. Having fun throughout your entire career is bad to you?! wow, I dont even know what to say to that.

Go home WoW/AoC fanboi, your forever long grind session awaits you.

Enigma_20993757d ago

Then why does it seem that between the two of you, HE sounds like he knows what he's talking about, and proceeds to explain without taking a jab at anyone?

Unamused Cat is unamused by your actions...

JeepGamer3756d ago


I've been testing it too. Everything I said comes from my own experience. There is nothing 'fresh' or 'new' about the game and as I said it could have come out five years ago for all the innovation they bring to the party. It's the same thing we always see... Bug hunts and fetch quests. It falls completely flat in terms of feeling 'purpose driven'. As the article stated, you do the same things at level 20 you did at level 1 and there's no sense of connection or purpose to any of it. It's quite obvious you are just grinding away like every other game.


You expect simplicity at level 1. Very rudimentary quests that get you up to speed. You don't expect that at level 20 but at level 20 you are still doing... Bug hunts and fetch quests. You're right about AOC, it was interesting up until 20. You felt like you were a part of something, you had a purpose, there was a story behind who and what you were... And then you got dumped in... fetch quests and bug hunts. Warhammer doesn't even wait until 20, it dumps you right in to what made AOC boring immediately.


My lack of substantial information? The first quest you do is 'go kill x number of these then come back', what's your second quest? Well, depending on where you start... 'Go kill x number of these then come back' or 'Go hit this switch or open this box, then come back'. That doesn't change by level 5, or level 10. You are still doing 'Go kill x number of these then come back' and 'go find this thing then come back'. Fetch quests and bug hunts. WoW you say? The first quest you do in WoW, at least as a Gnome or Dwarf, is to kill some wolves... then come back, then you do a delivery quest... Are you sensing a pattern here? Like... Everything is exactly the same? If you don't like WoW, that's understandable because I too played it and I too got sick of it but don't act like Warhammer offers anything in terms of revolutionary/never before seen game play because at an absolute best it offers a slightly polished up version of game play that wasn't even new or original when WoW came out 4 years ago. The pvp in Warhammer might be better and in fact, would almost have to be, but there is nothing in Warhammer that sets it apart aside from the graphics (which are far superior) and the music (which is easily the best in an MMO ever).

By the way, go look up what a 'troll' is. A troll is not somebody who says something you disagree with and don't like... And can't really argue with.

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