LittleBigPlanet - Naked Snake Sackboy trailer

Enjoy this absolutely epic trailer!

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SmokingMonkey3708d ago

i'm making a series of RRoD levels

Level 1-a 1-b and 1-c will have a boss at the end, Bill, Master chief, Kim...etc so the tea bagging Master chief idea is great got anymore?

feel free to "jump in" with any RRoD level ideas guys LOL XD

Shane Kim3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

SmokingMonkey. Make a level during an event like E3, then you make a stage and on that stage I'll walk around babbling like I always do and the only way to end it is to jump on a switch that'll drop a big pot of hot lava on me.

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Mr Bot3707d ago

that avatar has copy right, and i got it first!!! it represent the faces of the bots!!!

riderofpl4gues3708d ago

it was very creative. enjoyed very much.

NO_PUDding3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Less racist please :D. Thanks Konami, this is awesome.

:( fan made

Overr8ed3708d ago

Sony should enlist the person that made the Trailer that was so cool!

hazeblaze3708d ago

Lol, this is the kind of creativity I can't wait to see expressed in the real game!

leyego3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

yes... that was epic...
i want that laughing sackgirl & the raiden sackboy
i wish the devs over at MM could make them for us.
id buy them in a heart beat

hardmetal3708d ago

PS3/TDK bundle is confirmed ?

I like how Bat Sack stands on Playstation 3 tower.

CrazzyMan3708d ago

There are So MANY creative people all over the world.. and this is only the smal portion of IMAGINATION!
Play B3YOND!

dro3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

LBB so gonna create a kratos sack boi and make him cause chaos to any body that i play with online XD

Violater3708d ago

Pure unadulterated eFFing WIN

Clubptxxx3707d ago

All I can say is wow. Back a year ago, I remember seeing Basket Snake's work on LittleBigFan. Back in the day when the site was still up. I remember seeing his and Gotrea's work and just being amazed at how talented some people are. If the site ever comes back, I was Halocaust. You should check out some of the insane topics on that forum.

Again, Props to Basket Snake. The Solid Snake thing I knew would come. The Indiana Jones parts I knew would come too. But the Batman thing was astounding all in itself. GJ, Can't wait for LBP. And the new LBF.


cahill3707d ago

just woww


October FTW

DaTruth3707d ago

Funny, I was just watching the sackzilla trailer and I look at N4G and see this. Tonight I just became officially hyped for this game.

jidery3707d ago

and this is how it would look on the xbox 360

solidt123707d ago

That was great. I want to create all of those sack characters in the game. I hope those outfits are available in the final version.

barom3707d ago

That was awsome lmao. That actually sealed the deal for me. I'm getting this day 1 for sure now.

cito35th3707d ago

it's so official

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chaosatom3708d ago

Then, when sackboy start going up and down with the cigar.

oh, that's snake. lol.

Raoh3708d ago

that was awesome

had to watch it twice

cahill3707d ago


cant believe my eyes