Five Reasons Why We Think We Will Love Mercenaries 2 (Big Download)

Big Download: "We have a ton of PC games to play in the next three months or so and the first one out of the gate (we hope) is Mercenaries 2, the sequel to developer Pandemic's open world playground of death and destruction (While the original was published by LucasArts, Pandemic's new owners Electronic Arts will handle the sequel). Mercenaries 2 got a lot of attention when it was first announced at E3 2006 (and sometimes for the wrong reasons) but ahead of the game's release for the PC next week we wanted to pick five reasons we think we are going to love playing the game.

This isn't a review, by the way; just some reasons why we are eagerly awaiting to have this title in our hard drives this week. Some of the reasons are obvious while one or two are surprises."

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Charmers3761d ago

I never knew it was thanks to lucasarts that the PC never got the first Mercs game. Hm thanks a bunch Lucasarts, it seems they have had the knife out for the PC for a while now. Still I have to say I am looking forward to Mercs2 on the PC looks like it will be a lot of fun.

What is even more incredible is we have EA to thank for the PC version, I am rapidly changing my opinion on EA they seem to be reforming their ways.

tangerine3761d ago

Maybe the graphics are better in motion, but I can't see this making a dent in whats coming this fall.

PMantix3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

Doesn't look bad to me. It's about the gameplay anyway.. icing is icing, but cake is cake.

Picking this up on lunch break this Sunday... Mercs 1 was one of my favorite ps2 games. Looking forward to blowing some more crap up.. heh

Prismo_Fillusion3761d ago

I really didn't enjoy the original Mercenaries very much. I found the missions incredibly repetitive... Maybe this one's better?


has anyone seen the latest trailer for this on xbox live ?

This game should have been out 2 years ago, then it would have held its place, now it looks crap !

maybe i am being harsh, but this is just based on what i saw in the trailer. all the screens i had seen of this in magz and on the net looked ok, but the trailer omg, it made it look like a real Pile of Sh%t !

it really put me off this game and with so much coming out this fall, i have no interest at all anymore.

Panthers3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

The commercial is so funny

"Oh No You Didnt!"

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