Resident Evil 2 Remake for Wii?

Kotaku reports: "Can it be true? Now that the Wii is confirmed as the new home of violent hardcore gaming is the time right for a remake of good old Resi 2?

Japanese fan board 2ch has popped up a rumor concerning a possible remake of Biohazard 2 (aka Resident Evil 2 - but you knew that, right?) that will be exclusive to the Wii"

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Splenda143757d ago

Dont have to change the graphics put some waggle good to go

ape0073757d ago


I have the n64 port like 9 years ago and then it was ported to dc and gc and now on wii

am sorry capcom let us remeber this game with some degnity cause it will be too outdated for me to look at it

this is 2008 but the wii says it's 1998

ChickeyCantor3757d ago

The GCN remake looked good with all the pre-rendered backgrounds and all. It does say Remake not port

I Call 9MM3757d ago

Well, they said remake not port, which would mean it would be more like what the resident evil remake was like on the gamecube. Personally, RE2 was a great game, but do we need a remake? Especially on the Wii. PS3, Xbox 360 or PC I could see, but why go for something that has no graphical horsepower? Hell, they should just port it if they want to do that, why was time making new assets for that game if it's just going to be on the Wii.

Any remake of a game should come out on the most powerful systems out there (like Bionic Commando: Rearmed not coming out on Wii), and games should just be ported to weaker hardware. Waste of time in my opinion.

ChickeyCantor3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Still the remake on GCN looked good, so i see no reason why they should not. Wii is more capable in terms of graphical power than the GCN anyway.

But Its like Square.
FF ports on almost every's wrong at some point.

I seriously don't see how it's a waste?
If its good its good.

ape0073757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

big error

sorry friends

a remake would knock me out

hope for a remake

and again sorry

but a remake for ps3\360 would be much better

RemmM3757d ago

Put it on all 3 consoles instead of the weakest system like the Wii? Especially if its going to use the Wiimote, its going to be VERY disappointing..

qface643757d ago

im guessing you never played re4 for the wii if your saying its gonna be bad and any wii owner can easily say put re 4.5 on all 3 consoles

BrotherNick3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

I think I'm going to call nine-whine-whine for you kiddies. The WAaahmbulance will save you on this one. Anyways why would you want old games? You bought a NEXT-GEN System? You're already getting RE5.

kwicksandz3757d ago

If its anything like the gamecube remake, with re4 wii style awesome controls count me in!

barom3757d ago

meh GameCube already has a port of RE2 which is fully playable on the Wii. They could just reprint those. It makes no sense for Capcom to do a remaake. But with all this talk about different views, it makes me think of a spin-off. But why would they make a spin-off RE2 instead of RE5 to co-market each other.

I don't know, it doesn't make sense at all.

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kazuma3757d ago


man i hope this is true, it's gonna be awesome!

Bnet3433757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Resident Evil 2 for Gamecube wasn't even a remake .... Did you even play it? Probably not ...

Sorry. But no it wasn't easy to see that since the article was on RE2 and there was a gamecube one of RE2.

kazuma3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

erm...i was talking about the remake of resident evil 1 on the gamecube, i think it's easy to see that -_-

title of the article "Resident Evil 2 Remake for Wii?"
F*CK YEAH!!! LIKE THE GAMECUBE ONE! (like the gamecube remake)
yeah, it's pretty easy to see i'm talking about the first one...

and no, i didn't play re2 on the gamecube, i played it on the ps1 when it came out. why would i play it again?

RemmM3757d ago

Are you extremely retarded? I've played EVERY Resident Evil game in existance. I just don't like RE games on the Wii because its a waste. I don't want to play an arcade style FPS Resident Evil game like Umbrella Chronicles. I want a REmake 2 3rd person shooter just like the REmake and 0 and for PS3 and 360. THEN Capcom can release do their REmake 2 Wii edition crap later on. I don't like RE games going on Nintendo consoles simply because I don't want to play it with the Wiimote and the Wii consist of lots of kiddy games that I am not interested in. Screw Mario...I liked him better when he stayed stfu in SNES and NES. Mario is a nobody to me now. Don't get me wrong I don't hate the Wii, its just annoying when Nintendo puts too many kids games. I bought a GameCube just for REmake and RE Zero, I beat them both and now I'm bored..whats next? Already played the MGS Remake. Besides RE Umbrella Chronicles sold horribly on the Wii. I beat RE4 on both GameCube and PS2. I have it on PC...

qface643757d ago

well clearly your the retarded one if you can't even reply to the post under mine anyways if you don't wanna play it then you can do something its crazy enough to work now how about JUST DON'T PLAY IT!!! wow you know how stupid you sounded in that post you made allot of kiddy games huh madworld,manhunt,RESIDENT EVIL to name a few who are you trying to fool its so obvious you hate the wii it seems like you hate nintendo in general and id do my research if i was you because RE umbrella chronicles did really good on the wii same for re4 and just like i said earlier as i thought you have never played re4 on the wii the definitive version

kazuma3757d ago

"Sorry. But no it wasn't easy to see that since the article was on RE2 and there was a gamecube one of RE2."
a port, not a remake.

resident evil 0 new
resident evil 1 remake
resident evil 2 port
resident evil 3 port
resident evil code veronica x port
resident evil 4 new

yes, it's really easy to see that i'm talking about resident evil 1 on the gamecube.

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Panthers3757d ago

IF they remake it like they did the first RE for the GC, then it will be amazing and worth getting a Wii over. RE2 was my favorite because it was my first RE that I played. If they did a awesome remake then I would fall in love, although I would like to see something better than a Wii remake.

NinjaRyu3757d ago

Please God, Please let it happen & if it does please let it come to the U.S.A! ^~^

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