BioWare: The Pixar of Game Developers

This article details BioWare's meteoric rise to the top of the console RPG heap as they supplanted former genre mainstay Square-Enix. By drawing a parallel between the game and animation industries, the author describes how Western RPGs like Mass Effect eventually gained more mind-share than the Japanese juggernauts in this open love-letter to BioWare.

Quote: "Bioware is in a good place. Recently being eaten up by Electronic Arts, they now have the unlimited resources that only EA can provide."

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spoon3708d ago

Err ther games are so nerdy

its looks lyk sumthing a star ward nerd plays

003708d ago

Are you forks brother by any chance.?

spoon3708d ago

Mass effect and stars wars and FF12 are similair. ff12 is gayest ff

this is what u call a super star wars mass fect nerd

003708d ago

looks kike you improved your spelling fork but not by much.

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donalbane3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Something tells me the best place to cast dispersions about the nerdery of others isn't a video game news forum.

Is your name in reference to 'The Matrix'? Because that's not nerdy at all.

spoon3708d ago

U think i was acting when i sed mass effect is so nerdy

u must be drinkin sum crazy ass sh1t from your toilet bowl cuz am serious

Panthers3708d ago

Well you dont seem nerdy at all do you? Coming onto N4G and calling games nerdy. That is so freaking cool!

I hope you dont hurt yourself trying to type, because it looks like you are struggling.

boing113708d ago

I would say Blizzard is more on par for a comparison to a company who can seemingly do no wrong.

Cajun Chicken3708d ago

Insomniac; The Pixar of videogames, ever played Ratchet and Clank PS3? Their own engine, too.
Find another stylish animation company with a reputation to compare to.

Zerodin3708d ago

Sorry, but Bioware makes Insomniac look like the company that makes 12 Oz. mouse.

Cajun Chicken3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

What audience they aim at, their design methods, cinematic storytelling, humour, for adults and children alike...

Sorry, but its Insomniac.
You can't ignore that.

Bioware don't make games for a family audience.

morganfell3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

End of argument, Insomniac stomps all other Pixar wannabees. Now that is Pixar.

Harry1903708d ago

That makes Team Ico the Ghibli Studios of game developers then.

badz1493708d ago

but Bioware is Pixar of gaming? maybe just in terms of resources/fund! quality? not so much!

Overr8ed3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Insomniac games with R&C should be the pixar of gaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.