Uncharted 4 vs Rise of the Tomb Raider: Which Adventure Is Right For You

The two adventures go head to head.

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PerfidiousSinn861d ago

I guess Uncharted 4 since ROTTR isn't on PS4 yet!

naruga860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

if Tomb Raider didnt have that ridiculous metamorphosis of Lara into that enforced all-the time-moaning-english caricature would be far more enjoyable ..though no comparison with U4, the game is just to high to even compare with TR

GamingIVfun860d ago

Played and enjoyed both but Uncharted 4 is the more memorable game.

t-hall785859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

Uncharted is overrated. I did more walking around than anything. Beautiful game. And I mean beautiful.

Tomb raider is way more open with more things to do besides collect the shiny dots on the ground. The story had me more interested. The combat is more intricate. Way more ways to kill. The stealth works better. The guns feel better. Being able to come back to old areas with new equipment to reach places you couldnt before is definitely a plus. I felt like more of an explorer. The mp may give uc4 some legs but the single player is just average. The jokes weren't funny. The brother just felt outta place and forced in. The story was actually very predictable. Lots and lots of walking and lookin around . then mash triangle to open a door.

I hope you PS only guys really give tomb raider a shot when it drops. You'll see what I mean.

Aloy-Boyfriend860d ago

I get to play both on PS4, so to me this question makes no sense. Well maybe not TR at the moment, but I don't miss it. Uncharted 4 is giving me my adventure fix. Amazing game!!

game4funz860d ago

Well i think the question may be directed to gamers who either play on ps4 and xbox or pc or all of them.

Unfortunately you may be left out for the moment
my condolences.

860d ago
Letthewookiewin860d ago

Ya or ROTTR on X1 if someone doesn't have a PS4.

PistolsAtDawn860d ago

....or you could just be a gamer and get an X1 and/or PC.... catch up to Gen 8. PS4 is a fine system, but if you ONLY have a PS4, you're missing at least half of the great gaming experiences this gen. If you can't afford one....I get it, and I'm sorry....but if that's not the reason, it's your loss.

Doabarrelroll860d ago

I can afford one, don't care don't want one. Your argument is invalid

rainslacker860d ago

If one has a PS4 there isn't much need for an X1 or PC unless you really want games only available on those systems, so X1 actually there is less need since PC will get most of its exclusive games. Plenty of games to choose from on PS4, with a lot more coming as well. I'd recommend Valkyria Chronicles Remaster to anyone that'll finish up UC4 soon and it releases next week. Definitely not one to miss, and was overlooked by many last gen. As far as ROTTR is concerned, they can just wait until the end of this year and play it if they want. I've played it already, and it's also worth playing, but with UC4 out, there's no real rush unless they're only into the adventure genre.

Dark_Knightmare2860d ago

Half of the great gaming experiences lol I have both and the only games that would fit that criteria is halo 5 and sunset overdrive. Now I did enjoy quantum break but that's not a great game so I don't know where you got half from other than thin air.

objdadon860d ago

I'd have to disagree, i have both systems but pretty much only play my ps4 as i don't like gears, halo, and am tired of forza. I was happy to finally turn my xbox on to play quantum break but truly disappointed once i played it. At this point I'd say it was a,waste of money . Depends on what exclusives you like.

2v1859d ago

So what about if I can afford one but don't want it? What about if I think half the games offer this gen are garbage?????

Letthewookiewin859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

There's nothing above mediocre on X1. But I do like the Funimation app better on it so I guess there's that...

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rainslacker860d ago

If you like UC4, ROTTR will probably satisfy your itch for playing a game in the genre, and vice versa. It's a pretty good game overall. I think UC4 is better, but nothing bad to say about ROTTR other than the main character is still insufferably whiny.

Otherwise, check out ROTTR when it comes out on PS4, probably at the end of this year.

DrumBeat860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

Both are great games, but at the end of the day, Uncharted takes top spot. One of the biggest problems with the new TR games, imo, are that the characters are all throwaways. You don't care about them. This was slightly fixed in RoTR, but not to the degree I wanted. Don't even get me started on the 2013 "Endurance Crew" characters. Throwaways. All of them, except for the guy who broke his leg.

Now, in Uncharted 4, I cared about every single character, from Sam to Sully to Jameson (the shipyard owner.) ND really has a way of sucking you into their narratives and completely immersing you in the story, the way that no other developer does.

I preferred the looser, wilder gameplay of Uncharted over RoTR as well. Also, RoTR's weapon upgrade system feels like filler, whereas in TLoU for example, it felt meaningful, since parts and ammo could be so scarce.

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vegetassj51860d ago

Seriously, play both! They are both good.

Loadedklip860d ago

^ This is the right answer. Both are amazing in some similar and also very different ways which is great.

Letthewookiewin860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

Yup. Definitely going to pick it up on PS4 when it drops. But seriously UC4 is a friggin Masterpiece.

Fin_The_Human860d ago

When is TR coming out for the PS4?

IRetrouk860d ago

As soon as micros paycheck has ran its course, or you know work out how long the game has been out, subtract that from 12 months and theres a rough release date.

rainslacker860d ago

I'd say you can't go wrong with either. Both are good games.

Not sure why it needs to be a one or the other type of's not like consoles only play one game.

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GamingJoystick860d ago

Rise of the tomb raider was better this time around. The gameplay is unmatched.

daBUSHwhaka860d ago

I'm chapter 18 in uncharted 4 and I have to say that so far I agree with you.Tomb Raider keeps up the pace for the full game, where as U4's pace is up and down.Still a superb achievement.

Aloy-Boyfriend860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

That's because the story in U4 is better and is not static like TR. You get intense moments and light moments. TR takes itself too serious. Not fun

Yess! I have watched TheRadBrad, and it is an improvement over the 1st. Yet, the tone is the same and the story is not as engaging. You are often dropped into a playground to explore and look for stuff, raid tombs. That's cool, but the storytelling is slowed down. That's what I meant above and probaly what he means with the pacing

game4funz860d ago

@ XiKurapikaKurta

Werent you just saying you didn't play ROTTR cuz its not on PS4

MagicBeanz860d ago

Oh so now pace matters, i thought it was frame rate, no wait it was resolution, no wait it was......... hard to keep up with you jaded gamer babies anymore.

BiggerBoss860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

The combat in Uncharted is way better though...
Edit: thank god it's so easy to read comment history's now, you seem to think everything is better than Uncharted 4 lmao. Xbox fanboys smh...

shabz6661859d ago

Nah I think combat is way more fun in rotr. Story and characters is uc4s bread and butter. Rotr does combat puzzles way better

Dark_Knightmare2860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

Don't you get tired of coming to every uc article spewing hate

PistolsAtDawn860d ago

Um, nothing he said was hate....what you said was....and this isn't a UC4's a UC4 AND TR article....he was just expressing his opinion

Letthewookiewin860d ago

Ya... You obviously haven't played UC4....

PistolsAtDawn860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

How would you know? You obviously haven't played you stated above . Both are fantastic games...but he is right...TR has MUCH better gameplay

IIFloodyII860d ago


It really doesn't, if RoTTR didn't have a great bow the gun play would be terrible, all the guns sound terrible and it feels terrible due to the input lag that plagues the game. Uncharted 4's gun play is in a completely different league, with it feeling great to actually have shoot outs, run around and it gives you much more variety, all with unmatched animation quality.

Platforming wise, neither does it particularly well imo, with Uncharted 4's being pretty much just automatic and RoTTR's being horribly floaty.

Writing wise I don't think anyone will ever try and argue the garbage that TR has is even remotely close to Uncharted 4, which is one of the best written games period.

Oh, and my gamertag isn't hidden, if you think I haven't played it.

BrettAwesome860d ago

Sooo, Xbot. It must kinda hurt you to know that uncharted 4 beat ROTTR? What must hurt you even more is the fact that ROTTR on ps4 will beat ROTTR on xbone :-D

WellyUK860d ago

what must hurt is that both are good games and you fanboys are lame.

Letthewookiewin859d ago

Lol hit the nail on the head.

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