GameZone: N+ Nintendo DS Review

When N first hit the PC, it was an amazing test of a gamer's intelligence that had minimalist graphics and an excruciating difficulty level. Following that, N+ hit the Xbox Live Arcade with HD graphics, new levels and multiplayer modes. Now, after the successful run on the Xbox Live Arcade, N+ now arrives to the Nintendo DS to great acclaim and, boy, it was worth the wait.

If players have played any of the previous iterations of the series, then you'll feel a heart-felt welcoming when you first boot up N+ and realize that not too much has changed. The game is still played from the 2D perspective with full control granted to the player over a ninja who's never met an obstacle he couldn't overcome. If you are new to N+ then be prepared for lightning quick wall-jumping, smooth sliding across platforms, and death-defying jumps. N+ will make you feel like a super-ninja or possibly the most skilled acrobat; either way, N+ provides players with many "I can't believe I just did that" moments.

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