OXM UK: Street Fighter IV Interview

Street Fighter is a series every gamer knows of. Whether they have played it or not, everyone who has picked up a pad or arcade stick knows what Street Fighter is. So it's a big jump to update the series and make it relevant to gamers, as fighting games have fallen out of favor since their heyday in the Nineties.

That tricky job has fallen to Yoshinori Ono, producer of Street Fighter IV and current guardian of one of gaming's most famous series.

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SmokingMonkey3735d ago

They should def bring DLC to SF4 - extra characters - clothing - ooh and HOME support would be nice, i would like to roam around HOME dressed as Akuma.

Tacki3735d ago

I'm really looking forward to this title. In fact, it's one of my most anticipated games for next year despite the fact that (before downloading Street Fighter Alpha on my PS3) I haven't played a Street Fighter game since Street Fighter II on the SNES. I hope that with Street Fighter IV they're really able to bring not only this series back, but also the fighting genre in general. Even though Tekken and others have had their success in past years... I'd really like to a BOOM happen with the release of this new Street Fighter.

Also, I believe even though it wasn't mentioned in the interview... Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is still coming to PSN as well as XBLA? I'd assume so since Capcom's very focused on multiplatform releases these days.

SmokingMonkey3734d ago

i've been wanting 2d fighting to come back for awhile now. GuiltyGear was the only thing keeping me sane! Nice to see SF4 and BLAZBLUE both looking amazing. With online i think 2d fighting could make a serious comeback. Imagine being the #1 ranked StreetFighter4 online warrior! Where is Samurai Shodown 6

"Now i got the title of #1, in my hands." from AFRO SAMURAI