Eurogamer Games Convention Awards

This year's Leipzig Games Convention was bigger and better than ever. True, only one platform holder bothered to put on a conference, while Nintendo didn't bother turning up at all. But Sony had a good one, and Guitar Hero World Tour to Street Fighter IV there was plenty of stuff to write home about.

But what were the real highlights? Which titles stood out in the crowd, what with the crowd being comprised mainly of games about shooting monsters in the face within post-apocalyptic environments? And which title is Eurogamer most likely to give 8/10, thereby setting fire to its particular corner of the internet?

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TheColbertinator3762d ago

8/10 reviews given on purpose? Hmmm...I know people disagreed with their 8/10 reviews consistently.

Halo 1-8/10

Gears of War-8/10



Cartesian3D3762d ago

SONY won almost all awards except "best comeback??!!!"

it seems Eurogamer REALLY love a game(for the first time in their history) called LITTLE BIG PLANET :)

and same about Heavy rain..

CViper3762d ago

Its going to be interesting to watch so many pro-360 sites while there is nothing really to cover outside of Gears2 for 08 and "halo projects" for 09. Right now Sony has the buzz/games that will generate interested traffic to these sites.

Gamespot/Eurogamer/Edge/Gamed aily(or radar cant remember)/1up have always been the worst sites for anything Ps3 related, its like these guys had a vendetta against it. So I'll keep that in mind when I see their sites.

But im sure stories about Heavy Rain/Kz2 and especially little big planet are going to drive more traffic than Banjo Kazooie footage. How do you guys feel?

Surfman3762d ago

Wow the PS3 won 4 of 5 awards.

Heavy Rains and LBP, ftw

dro3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

i dont mean to start a war or nothing but i blive loads of pple on this site were dissing EUROGAMER when they gave mgs4 8/10,looks like u might change ur mind about them now!! XD

Jamie Foxx3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

this article still hasnt changed my mind about eurogamer sorry

just like ill neverchange my mind about gametrailers after the video swap passing off ps3 footage as 360 gameplay.

themyk3762d ago

just because we agree with their picks. doesn't mean they have any respect.

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