Michael Phelps Has CoD: World At War And You Don't

So what do you need to do to score a copy of Call of Duty: World at War from Activision two months early? Simple. Just dominate a sporting event on the global stage, bringing home a record-breaking 8 gold medals from the Olympics, and that baby is yours. This is a video from CBS's The Early Show, which shows U.S. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, otherwise known as The Seahorse, receiving a copy of the game for the PlayStation 3 at the end of the segment. Perhaps by the time the game comes out in November he'll actually have time to play it.

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PoSTedUP3708d ago

awesome activision, i respect you guys a whole lot more. Michael Phelps said that he like video games and thats an awesome gift for him right there and phelps deserves it ya know what he did was HUGE and i congratulate him, i watched most of his races and i am really happy for him. you guys should see how much this dude EATS! 12,000 calories a day! omg hes a BEAST!

mintaro3708d ago

12,000? Are you kidding me?

Anyways good for him, ridiculous athlete

UNCyrus3708d ago

not 12,000... he said he fluctuates between 8000-12000 calories a day... still it's a lot...

Nevers3708d ago

gotta agree that he should definitely get the props... but this could simply be another showing of his super/godlike powers.


Greater Video-game Developer Persuasion...?

The f'n Force...?

Who knows... but damnit, he's gonna pwn my ass on CoD:WaW with all the xtra time he gets; and since it's based on the Pacifi OCEAN battles, that will already give this Mer-man a huge advantage.

Kami3708d ago

8000 to 12000? thats good. its good to increase a little of muscle or just maintain it.
when i stated bulking and eating 30000+ cals a day i felt so bloated, i cant even describe it.
didnt he also say that he trained for 8 hours or something like that? now that's impressive

IzKyD13313708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

he eats so much because he trains for a hell of alot of hours and supposedly burns 4000+ calories a workout (I read it on yahoo)

shazam3708d ago

i hope you're being sarcastic. thats like a gallon of gasoline. the only way you could possibly reach that is to eat nothing but butter and whipping cream all day. no other edible substance has enough caloric density.

Bonsai12143708d ago

props for phelps. the man is a god. he eats, sleeps, swims, and plays guitar hero and other video games. that's his life.

like his breakfast is more food than a village in africa gets in a week..

Sitdown3708d ago

Ummm...why do you respect activision a whole lot more......cause of a publicity stunt? They are not the first to do it, and will not be the last.

mikeslemonade3708d ago

He said he has trouble maintaining weight even at 12,000 calories and he's about 195 lbs only. For dinner I remember he eats 1 large pizza and 16 oz of pasta.

Overr8ed3708d ago

yea i need to find out his Work-out, i wish i can eat that much.

Bonsai12143708d ago

his workout is just thousands and thousands of meters in the pool every day. thats it.

SolidAhmed3708d ago

I Can conclude that the Ps3 Version is done before the X360. humm nice job.

CrazyMystical3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

well at least we know where he games at

he may be jumping in water but he loves to play beyond

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chaosatom3708d ago

So they are holding back the game for two months??

UNCyrus3708d ago

they want it to be a holiday release.... that, and people are still obsessing over CoD:MW

wetowel3708d ago

olympics wins again....

Deviant3708d ago

phelps got drugs and you do not :(
.j/k xD

Blackmoses3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

and it's the PS3 version...not that this means!!!
I'm surprised no one here pointed that out!!!


UNCyrus3708d ago

yeah, i pointed that out in the gamer zone... shows that Phelps has good taste