The Dell, Intel Extreme Gaming Tour might be passing through your town

Gamertell has posted an article with several photos of the Dell-Intel Extreme Gaming Tour booth as seen at the Ohio State Fair. The Extreme Gaming Tour will be appearing next at PAX 2008 then to other fairs as well as E for All and Blizzcon.

From the article:

"The 'booth' is actually a fancy RV with a tent extended from the side with a bunch of Intel-powered Dells set up (check out the far shot in the Photo Gallery). There were about a dozen gaming rigs under the tent to take your info and let you play a few games. There were three more rigs in the air conditioned RV, also running games.

The games I saw on display were World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Assassin's Creed, Lost Planet and Crysis. Other games being shown but I didn't witness in action include Freaky Creatures, World in Conflict and Space Siege."

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