Samsung X360 handled, fights MacBook Air to the death

Paul Miler writes:

"We're not just staring down a boring press release of Samsung's new X360, we actually got to fiddle around with it for a few minutes and came away fairly impressed. It has a build somewhere in-between the plastic-ish Voodoo Envy 133 and the rock-solid ThinkPad X300, though probably closer to the latter, and the sheen of Silver Nano Technology on the technology saves us from bacteria but adds a slightly cheap flavor to the keyboard."

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iceatcs3708d ago

Little confuse with similar Xbox 360.

SSD is okay but the writing is still slow.

mindedone3708d ago

I was expecting a Samsung TV/360 hybrid.

FantasyStar3708d ago

I thought the article was referring to the TS-H943 DVD Drives.

Sitdown3707d ago

Guess you did not see MacBook air in the title.

N4G_Dude3707d ago

Wander whether it will get RROD :D