Rejected Fable 4 Pitch Had Potential

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes "With the recent official saddening closure of the legendary Lionhead Studios we've now begun to get glimpses of history from the studio and what some of their recent projects were."

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ghostface9826d ago

no it didnt it went away from everything that was fable I am glad they didnt make that game at least fable legends would have been in the same atmosphere

Kreisen826d ago

The whole "press A to fart" garbage is what killed Fable. These guys wanted to take the series in a more mature direction like the Witcher games, which is a good thing...

lastking95826d ago

I literally stop playing 3 after that fart scene.

BecauseImBatman826d ago (Edited 826d ago )

They need to reboot Fable in to a more sophisticated RPG even if it loses some of it's uniqueness. Fable 2 was the only real big successfull one.

Shubhendu_Singh826d ago

Could have been great, it could have sucked too you know.

Why does everybody assume any game that never got made would had been the " best thing ever?". Have we forgot that Fable franchise is known for great pitches and less than stellar executions. Not saying MS didn't had said those things...just that they probably weren't the only one to blame.