PC World: Xbox 360 with Price Drop Still Generally More Expensive than PS3

PC World writes "Assuming the [upcoming price cut] rumor is true, and it looks likely to be, how do the new numbers affect the bottom line when you plug them into an accessory and services lineup?"

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Cajun Chicken3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Seriously. Look at the BIG picture people.

The article forgot the price of Play and Charge kit (instead of batteries) and Xbox Live Gold connection so you can actually games online with people.

As I've said, I like my PS3 more because its just generally less of a money gobbler and you get more for your money.

Also before I forget, PS3's play ALL PSone games.

The 360 only plays the XBOX titles Microsoft sees fit, meaning a lot of classics haven't seen software emulation and if they do, say like Armed and Dangerous, have a horrible framerate during action.

morganfell3764d ago

Exactly. How long have I been saying this? From the beginning. ANd I haven't let up.

And apparently much of the public understands value as well.

Amazon Bestseller update:

PS3 80GB Rank 7
360 20GB Rank 93

juuken3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I agree.

You can buy a PS3 with everything in one instead of wasting money on separate things. I don't know how 360 fanboys can claim the 360 is still cheaper when you have to buy so many add-ons for a true 360 experience.

Dyingduck3764d ago

However, they totally forget to factor in 50USD dollar PER YEAR of LIVE.

Price cut = 50 dollars
One year of LIVE = 50 dollars

You save crap.

Oh wait, you want to play 3rd and 4th year on LIVE too?

4 years of LIVE = 50 dollars

+150 dollars, where's your dumb price cut now?



Dyingduck3763d ago

Let's forget which is the cheaper console overall (because, no duh, it's the PS3)
Let's focus on the games (present-2009) which matter not the SYSTEM, AM I RIGHT?

Xbox360 released games for this year:

lost flop = flop
flop dragon = flop
tales of flop = flop (7.25 from Game Informer)
too flop = flop
infinite flop = flop (7.1 from IGN)

Anticipated releases:

Banjo3 = Awful textures, bad game play, and now they've turned the game into a racer for 40 BUCKS. This will get owned by LBP 8 ways to Sunday
Gears2 = AKA Gears1.5 using the same old engine Unreal Engine 4 years old, 5vs5 MP
Alan Wake = a myth (never seen ported on the Xbox360)
L4D = Ummm, N64 graphics anyone?

Compare to the anticipated released PS3 exclusives during FALL 2008:

HOME (free)
LittleBigPlanet (21 Oct)
Resistance 2 (04 Nov)
SOCOM: Confrontation (14 Oct)
BioShock with Exclusive DLC (21 Oct)
Motorstorm:Pacific Rift (07 Oct)
Valkyria Chronicles (11 Nov)

Keep in mind that these are ALL PS3 exclusive, unlike crapbox exclusives which also appear on PC (e.g. Gears1+Mass Effect)

Anticipated releases (exclusives) in 2009:

God of War 3
Heavy Rain
M.A.G. (256 MPs!)
White Knight Chronicles
Uncharted 2
Twisted Metal
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (maybe 2010)
PS3 exclusive from the legendary Team ICO

What does Crapbox360 have to offer in 2009? Halo Power Ranger Wars…

Wait, what about your beloved FFXIII?
You can only get the true FF experience on the PS3:
PS3 = Lead platform for FFXIII, and has been since 2005.
PS3 version = On a 50 GB Blu-ray disc, uncompressed.

In addition:
1. Exclusive FFXIII demo in March 2009 on PS3
2. Exclusive FFXIII in Japan - for you Japanese speaker to port since no regional lock unlike the crapbox DVDs
3. Exclusive FFXIII Versus on PS3
4. Exclusive FFXIII Agito on PSP

The 360 version is a port. So I really shouldn't be calling it a "version" at all.
The 360 PORT hasn't even gone into development.
The 360 PORT will be on multiple DVD's and it will “probably” STILL look worse than the PS3 version (e.g. RAGE)

B-Rein3763d ago

totally agreed my friend only a retard would disagree to that.
This is the FACT that i was tryin to get to people. XBOX 360 is genrally EXPENSIVE compared to ps3.

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SpaZaA3764d ago

It's to be noted they are comparing the lower end PS3 to the 3 models of xbox360, not the 80GB PS3 (soon to be 160GB) that has emulated backwards compatibility with most PS2 games as well as all PSone games, 4 USB ports and ships with a game as well currently MGS4 ($59.99).

fermcr3764d ago

Does the 80GB PS3 come with the chip for backwards compatibility with PS2 games? Here in Europe i think the 80gb and the 160gb are the same as the 40gb, only diference beeing biger HDD space. So i don't think here in Europe the new PS3 will come with backwards compatibility.

Parapraxis3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

No, not a chip, it is emulated.
New 80GB & 160GB models replaces current 40GB (no BC for PS2 games) , the current 80GB has BC for PS2 games.

The only PS3 SKUs that have BC with a chip were the 20GB & 60GB models.

EDIT: fixed my error after diggin up info. my bad.

mindedone3764d ago

I was under the impression that not even the 160GB would have BC

marinelife93764d ago

Even the premium is only a good deal for one year. Once that next year of xbox live kicks in you have to pay another $50 dollars.

xhairs93764d ago

I think the 160gb has no BC from what I've read in the past, but that could very well change.

The only thing I disagree with as far as the charts go is that he put a $50 charge for a microphone on the PS3. I've gone through 3 headsets (in which I broke from frustration of my internet) totaling less than $50. Any standard USB Microphone Headset will work with the PS3, just because it's labeled "For PS3" doesn't mean it wont work. Also, you forgot to dial in Bluetooth capabilities. PS3 features Bluetooth compatibility with keyboard/mouse/headset. Add one more the PS3 plus side.

MNicholas3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

After yr 2:

PS3: $470
Arcade: $620
Premium: $500
Elite: $600

After yr 3:

PS3: $470
Arcade: $670
Premium: $550
Elite: $650

After yr 4:

PS3: $470
Arcade: $720
Premium: $600
Elite: $700

After yr 5:

PS3: $470
Arcade: $770
Premium: $650
Elite: $750

The Xbox360 lacks in-game keyboard and mouse support, a web-browser, motion control (for games such as the revolutionary Mirror's Edge), has an inferior HDMI specification, and, most importantly, the 360 doesnt have the world's best performing Blu-Ray player.

SpaZaA3764d ago

However I sure hope the disagrees are for the 1 bit "(soon to be 160GB)" which I now see was an error.
The rest of my comment is 100% accurate.

They are comparing the lower end PS3 to the 3 models of xbox360, not the 80GB PS3 that has emulated backwards compatibility with most PS2 games as well as all PSone games, 4 USB ports and ships with a game as well currently MGS4 ($59.99).

nickfr3764d ago

That's the nice thing about the RROD, they'll ship you a new one every year. If you add the cost for a new PS3 every year the comparison looks totally different.

Dyingduck3764d ago

THEY DON'T GIVE you a NEW Xbox, moron, they fix the hardware of the OLD

wallace10003764d ago

Incorrect, depending on where you live they do not repair the xbox. Here in Canada they replace a faulty 360 with a brand new one.

wallace10003764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Maybe instead of clicking disagree lets see if you have ever returned an xbox 360 under warranty in Canada, or maybe even own a 360?

kevnb3763d ago

however alot of people only see the price tag on the box.

BWS19823763d ago

the point is that PS3's don't fault to the point where you should be needing a new one each year....I'm no fanboy, I want to own both, but each has some drawbacks, depending on how you look at it though, maybe one has more than another.

Willio3763d ago

@SpaZaA :

"Very good comparison
It's to be noted they are comparing the lower end PS3 to the 3 models of xbox360, not the 80GB PS3 (soon to be 160GB) that has emulated backwards compatibility with most PS2 games as well as all PSone games, 4 USB ports and ships with a game as well currently MGS4 ($59.99).
Parapraxis August 28, 2008 10:33 AM PT"

-Taken from the 1st comment on original source.


"The Xbox360 lacks in-game keyboard and mouse support, a web-browser, motion control (for games such as the revolutionary Mirror's Edge), has an inferior HDMI specification, and, most importantly, the 360 doesnt have the world's best performing Blu-Ray player.
Mark02138 August 28, 2008 11:48 AM PT"

-Taken from the 3rd comment on original source.

At least freaking re-word it... fail at writing english papers i presume?

TheExecutive3763d ago

ok, so if you are really strapped for cash the 360 is a good way to get into HD gaming. If you want the best VALUE for your money buy a PS3.

OR you could buy the system that most of your friends have OR the gaming system that has the games you want.

Hmm, it seems like a personal decision.

Everyone knows that for the money you get a lot more in the PS3, straight out of the box.

PERSONALLY, I prefer the PS3 for the reliability of the hardware, the diversity of exclusive games, most of my friends have the PS3, the bluray player, free online, the PSN games (they are the best!), and I know the console will be supported for a long time.

But those are PERSONAL preferences and I dont presume to tell others theirs.

wallace10003763d ago

"Wise men never argue with fools, because people from a distance can't tell who is who"

SpaZaA3763d ago

I made the comment on PC world as well. Bet you feel clever now huh.

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Lost_My_600_Dollar3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

add 50$ for a good quality HDMI cable for the PS3

A High definition console without the HDMI cable that really great lol

nieto3764d ago

$50 if you're going to buy a Monster Cable HDMI but you could find some other brands of HDMI for less than 20 dollars...

so that kills your comment.

IzKyD13313764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

you posted the same thing in the gamer zone, all HDMI cables are the same

EDIT: guess what, I found a 3 foot HDMI cable for 6 bucks

do some research first

Cajun Chicken3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Did I forget Blu-Ray? Region free, unlike DVDs?

Also getting a new H/D for PS3 is much more cheaper if you need the space then Microsofts overpriced 'Harddrive Mem Paks' for about £50 each or over depending in capacity.

Built in Wi-Fi is brilliant if you have Wi-Fi and saves £60 for a wireless adapter that only allows downloading and no online gaming with friends unless you fork out £30 on the 360 for Live!

HDMI gold plated cable and DVI-HDMI for PS3 converter £10 in total

Not waiting for previously overseas game releases and importing them to play on your PS3...

Not mentioning the £20 Play and Charge kit for 360 that allows you to play games without running down to the shops to spend £5 on good quality batteries!

Price of my 60gb EU PS3 from last summer ready for online gaming and needing no more peripherals bundled with Resistance, Motorstorm and two Blu-Ray movies and a spare contoller chucked in, capable of emulating most PS2 games? £425

Price of my 360 purchase from last summer with nothing else but a headset and a battery demanding controller with free heat and loud annoying DVD-Drive fan noises? £350

I also have a 20gb 360, but eats money like a hungry mouse in a cheese factory and I refuse to give MS anymore or £30 just in order to play online with my friends who own the same console!

ruibing3764d ago

I have no idea where any of you guys buy HDMI cables that cost that much. Just buy the third party ones on Amazon for $10. While quality does matter, it only makes a difference at long distances, so a cheap HDMI is fine for 3-6 ft (the shorter the better).

Dyingduck3764d ago

HDMI cable costs 6 bucks on

Oh, did you forget to factor in 50USD dollar PER YEAR of LIVE???

Price cut = 50 dollars
One year of LIVE = 50 dollars

You save crap.

Oh wait, you want to play 3rd and 4th year on LIVE too?

4 years of LIVE = 50 dollars

+150 dollars, where's your dumb price cut now?

zapass3764d ago

I bought my HDMI cables $2.99 a piece on amazon:

no wonder how you lost your $600!

seriously, what's the fair price of sh!t?
it's not a price cut that's needed, it's a price inversion:
they need to pay me to get that POS


nsky1713763d ago

Wifi saved me $20 on CAT5 cables.

Like most people my WIFI Router is in my room near my computer.
My PS3 is in my living room. So inorder for my PS3 to get online I'll either need to get long CAT5 cables and wired it along the walls from my room to the living room or just use the built in PS3 wifi.

The wifi works greats and it save me money and hassle. Perhaps we need to add the cost of CAT5 cable for the xbox 360 because 100 feet CAT5 cable don't come free.

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Aclay3764d ago

The Xbox 360 has always been more expensive than the PS3 because by the time you buy everything for the 360 to equal what the PS3 already has, you would have spent more money.

Even though the PS3 is the most expensive system, you get the most value for the money.

I think that Microsoft should at LEAST bundle the Wifi Adapter with the Xbox 360 Pro and/or Xbox 360 Elite model because even the Wii has built in Wifi and it makes no sense for the 360 not to have it, and it's ridiculous to have to spend $90 bucks for a overpriced Wifi Add-on for the 360. A lot of people still bash Sony for not bundling a HDMI cable with the PS3, but I think that I would rather get Wifi built in and buy a cheap HDMI cable on Ebay than to get No Built in Wifi at all with my system.

ruibing3764d ago

I agree with you. If it wasn't for the built-in wifi on my PS3, I wouldn't have been able to remote play so many games during the olympics (at least for the events I didn't care much for).

I also love the fact how open the PS3 is by using so many established protocols. Streaming music, hooking up any bluetooth headset, and working with one of my webcams. There are many of these features that are just a bit hard to justify into a comparison table, but they made the PS3 worth the purchase.

tplarkin73764d ago

When price is an issue, the 360 is much cheaper. For $199 plus $60 for a game, you can own a current console. It's the entry point that matters.

majorsuave3764d ago

What's the use for wifi?
This is a game console, I'm not going to bring it in the garden or on the kitchen table, and yes the cable modem is near the cable tv.

And that same tv has a media center pc connected to it for everything that requires a hard drive, and keyboard/mouse gaming as well.

iceman28853763d ago

Sure, you have you're cable modem near your cable TV so you can wire your 360 to the internet. But there are many many people that have their cable modem at their main computer which is in a computer room or away from their gaming console.

I know when I lived with my parents that's how it was, and I only had wireless internet in my room, which is where my ps3 and 360 where. So yeah, it doesn't matter for you, but I bet there are a bunch of people who wish their 360 had wireless so they didn't have to spend 90 bucks for a 360 only wireless adapter or go through the trouble and cost of getting an ethernet cable to their 360.

Just b/c its one way for you doesn't mean its the same for everyone.

kevnb3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

the wii has built in nothing, no wifi, no ethernet, no recharbable battery pack, no dvd playback, and no component cables.

waltercross3763d ago

The Wii is targetting a Different player.

SaiyanFury3763d ago

@ 2.4

If you're looking for a cheaper solution to the 100 dollar Microsoft wireless adapter, and this is something that everyone here should read, look into a wireless ethernet bridge. It will make your Xbox 360 think it's hardwired into your router yet it will still be wireless. I did this with a wireless g-band ethernet bridge, and it works perfectly. And it's only half as muh as what Microsoft wants for theirs.

baodeus3763d ago

Why don't PS3 remove the Wifi (which you also need a wireless router in your house) to make it more affordable? I'm still using the cable by the way (since i don't plan to move the xbox around with me where ever i go.) While it is nice to have but it is not needed.

And Sony really need to charge people for online since people claim PSN is comparable to Xbox live. It doesn't make sense for people to work for hours maintaining, adding contents and other stuff that you might want for free. They work to support themselves and their family. I'm pretty sure they would appreciate it if they get some extra money for their work.

Jeez, so many kids on N4G. Go get a job, but don't get pay for it. Give everyone what they want for free. Don't think about yourself or your family "you don't need money".

3763d ago
SaiyanFury3763d ago


Baodeus, are you totally bent? Why doesn't Sony REMOVE the Wi-Fi to make the system affordable? Maybe because wireless internet interfacing is like a 20 dollar technology? Maybe because not everybody has their console right beside their router? Oh and BTW a wireless router costs like 40-50 dollars. And for my own personal interest, why do you start ranting on about supporting your family? These are game consoles, not a mortgage for a house...

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Lost_My_600_Dollar3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I don't need Wi-fi adapter or 120GB HDD and luckily there is no mandatory installs for games so 20GB is enough for me

plus, add 50$ for a good quality HDMI cable for the PS3

Tobias1233764d ago

That's all well and good(I don't use Wi-fi myself), but for a good HDMI cable you only need to add about $15.

IzKyD13313764d ago

theres no such thing as a "quality" HDMI cable, a $10 HDMI cable works just as good as a $50 one, except the $50 one is longer, but since your console is always going to be like 1-2 feet away from your TV, a $50 cable is unnecesary....and you shouldn't even be talking, the arcade doesnt even come with HDMI....and wi-fi is necessary these days, try connecting your console to your modem from different rooms in the house and then talk.....and a large HDD is necessary too, an HD movie takes up ALOT of space....and SD movies take up considerable space too, but I dont have to worry because my PS3 has about 200 GB HDD, and I have more than 20 movies on it

morganfell3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Better yet:

I have a 320GB drive in my PS3 and that space is needed. MS claims it isn't but I look at my 360 and by the time I get a few demos, some HALO 3 maps, and download 1 movie I am out of space. But my alternative is to buy a worthless 120Gb drive. Proprietary. I can get better than twice as much space on the PS3 for half the price.

MS should be glad they have been successfully lying to people about their HD movies. Anyone with at least 20/400 vision can see those HD movies aren't HD. Otherwise that mean 13 GB drive would really be worthless.

Mr_Bun3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Well put! Also I am noting that you have both consoles so you would know more about the pros and cons of each than most fanboys.

Nice jab with the formatted size at the end.


kinggeoff3764d ago

@ izky

so because wifi is necessary for YOU, we should ALL have to pay for it? I like how MS gives you options so I don't need to buy the sht that i...well DON'T need.

I'm glad the PS3 comes with the bells and whistles. That's what it's for. Top of the line tech in a sleek box. It's an amazing machine. that's why people buy it

@ morganfell

the MS movie downloads ARE in HD. The codec they used for encoding them is just lousy. They're still 720p in resolution, which is HD no matter how you slice it. Do they look as good as HDDVDs or Blu Ray movies? nope not by a long shot. But they are still in HD.

mindedone3764d ago

for a (good quality) hdmi cable for xbox. I work at an electronics retailer and not even I would buy the garbage with my 65% discount.

plain rice3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

The HDMI cable the 360 come with is no different than the HDMI cables you buy at monoprice or Amazon for $5. I've tested Monster cables and cheap no brand HDMI cables and I can tell you there is NO difference at all. Tested on two of my high end tv sets. A Pioneer PDP Kuro Elite and my recently purchased Samsung 750 LCD. Both are 50" sets and are both professionally calibrated with the best possible configuration.

kinggeoff3764d ago

a digital signal is either INTACT or NOT.

If your HDMI cable fails to work, return it.

The reason for the long assed monster cables is that as you extend the length of an HDMI cable, you require much better shielding materials and techniques in order for the signal to remain intact at the longer lengths.

for anything 3ft and under, a $5 or $10 is perfectly fine. If you pay more than that for a short cable, I feel sorry for your wallet

morganfell3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Thanks for backing me up that 360 movies are not HD. True HD = 1080P

EDIT: It isn't a marketing term for my eyes nor for the eyes of many of the people in the general public. You can whimper all you want about the 360 but that is the sad fact. You can keep living in denial and that is your right. 1080p doesn't matter to most 360 owners except those that bought into the Microsoft Betamax HD DVD. Well I hate it for you.

You comments also do zero, ZERO, to negate the fact that the 20GB(13GB) version, you know the most prolific version, has little to no space available for anything once a few files and downloads are on the drive and a single sub-HD movie is downloaded.

kinggeoff3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

kind of crack?

now we're talking about "TRUE HD" (or FULLHD) which is just a marketing term pulled out of the air. I bet you think more Megapixels always means a better picture too... hahah soccer moms these days

please note: The term HD (high definition) is used for ANYTHING above SD and ED resolutions. 720p is HD

please do some research and pull your head from between your legs

Too_Hyped3764d ago

@kinggeoff : no, sorry, true HD is 1080p, in this planet. Go read on every site you find.

3764d ago
mindedone3764d ago

I don't get the disagrees. Either they BOTH need an expensive HDMI or neither do. Xbox doesn't include a "high quality" one.

wallace10003764d ago

The term "True HD" is a marketing term and nothing else. 720p and 1080i are also high definition resolutions.

ruiner44823764d ago

Or better yet how about $9.00 shipped priority mail.

rofldings3763d ago

+1 on monoprice cables. People at AVS forum swear by them...

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