Wild Guns Reloaded Announced as a PS4 Exclusive

“Introducing WILD GUNS RELOADED! Clint & Annie return in a new PS4 exclusive. Stay tuned for details at E3 2016.”

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dead_pixels676d ago

This is awesome news. The original SNES release was a great game, and Natsume can do no wrong.

naruga676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

Include the original also on disc !! pls ..even for today standards the game really shines

Skate-AK676d ago

Guessing they are going to work it into a VR game.

Eonjay676d ago

I'm willing to bet you are right.

ThatGuyDart676d ago

At first I read the title as "Wild Arms".

I was ready to faint lol

Pancit_Canton676d ago

Maybe it's a TGS surprised this year along with Legend of Dragoon Remake.

ILostMyMind676d ago

When I saw the picture I thought of Sunset Riders.

Godmars290676d ago

Now I'm mildly curious about this E3...

Pancit_Canton676d ago


I've just played the original a couple of weeks ago. dayum!!

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The story is too old to be commented.