The Seven Ways Each "Next-Gen" Console Succeeds

"I knew I'd get a lot of complaints over yesterday's post on "The Six Ways Each 'Next-Gen' Console Fails". Here are seven ways that each of the current "next-gen" consoles succeed.

Xbox 360
* Fast Disc Drive: Every good PS3 game requires an install now, but the 360's drive is plenty fast to just drop in and play. I don't prefer having to switch discs (which hasn't happened on the 360 for me yet) for a game, but I don't know how that is any worse than having to wait through an install before every act on Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3.
* Choice: Probably my favorite aspect of Microsoft's approach to gaming is having options. I could buy an Arcade model and latter add HD cables or a hard drive and have the Pro level experience. I can rent/buy content from various online sources (Amazon Unbox, CinemaNow, and soon Netflix) other than Xbox Live. I can install games if I want too (soon) or I can just drop in the disc and play.


Playstation 3
* Quiet: There is no doubt about it, the PS3 is the quietest "next-gen" console out. It is probably quieter than my first PS2 actually. Sony really hit one home on not being a audible nuisance.
* Downloadable games: Sony is really leading the way with full-size game downloads being simultaneously released on disc and online; only Steam does it better. Not only is it convenient to just download a game, but then you don't need to switch discs to play a different one.


* Different Kind Of Controller: While I personally don't like how the Wii's controllers work, it obviously appeals to a lot of other people, especially "non-gamers". I know the Wii is the first console my sister ever wanted. Hopefully this will help break game design out of the repetitive use of the same control schemes we've seen for some time.
* Included Game: The Wii is a major throwback to an era where a game was included with every system, and that game was a major driver for sales of the console. Wii Sports is still one of the best games for highlighting the Wii's strengths while effectively managing its weaknesses. How many launch titles can usually pull that off?


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HighDefinition3737d ago

PS3- Bluray, Mandatory HDD, Unbelievable 1st party titles, PSN is growing faster the XBL.

360- XBL, 3rd party timed exclusives.

Wii- IMO nothing, beside introducing a [email protected] motion controller.

ChickeyCantor3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

"Wireless Controllers: It had to be mentioned for the Wii too right? Due to the use of Bluetooth for the Wii-mote, it has actually become quite useful for some really cool homebrew hacking of motion sensing software too.

What? how is that a succes for "next-gen"?

His points for " next-gen " are really out of touch...some points don't even make sense to what his title is implying.

ThatCanadianGuy3737d ago

No one cares about what you have to say =D XD

Karma's a b!tch aint it?

Product3737d ago

If that was the case you wouldnt have commented.