Gears of War 2 to be playable during PAX

Thanks to the Gamerscore Blog's handy schedule, we've been informed that Gears of War 2 is going to be demoed during this weekend's Penny Arcade Expo, though never did we expect Gears 2 to actually be playable on the show floor ... but it is!

According to the official Gears website, from this Friday through Sunday during PAX, the Microsoft booth will be hosting 5v5 Gears of War 2 multiplayer matches. And you can play too! But that isn't all. On top of the Gears 2 multiplayer gaming and the on-stage "Sinkhole" campaign demonstrations, both Gears writer to the stars Joshua Ortega and Gears artist to the stars Pete Hayes will be making a PAX appearance for a quick Q&A session and autograph signing. That said, we still think the meaty bits of the Gears 2 PAX presence is the multiplayer ... we so damn excited!

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Mr Bot3758d ago

we the bots care about it, its our only hope to fight the droids in this holiday season!! we have no games other than that!! 360 have no games!! only last gen games that we all love!

Mr Bot

Surfman3758d ago

rather play with my NES

Stryfeno13758d ago

Attack of the ps3 fanboys. LMAO, now everyone knows how Gears 2 is going to own this holiday season.

WhittO3758d ago

Acutally no, i think Resistance 2 will own, i mean the only thing gears had going for it was the gore and chainsaw etc, but now resistance 2 has huge single player and seperate 8 player co-op campaign, 60 player huge online mode with great story.

But now, with the details of the new weapons, such as attaching exploding bullets to people/chimera or the spinning razor blades that slice up the enemy, what will gears have to combat anything resistance has ?

Irishrocket693758d ago

Like I'm in WoW, there are TROLLS everywhere!

NegativeCreepWA3758d ago

2.2 Resistance lacks the one thing that matters good game-play.

chitown3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

man oh man. u sony kids really dont have any lives do you? cant wait to jump on a 360 threaD and start hating. pathetic. you guys are a bunch sad pathetic losers. do something productive with your lives. Why even bring resistance in to the topic???? its a fps whereas gears is TPS shooter. resistance isnt even an AAA, just a solid game. gears is proven, resistance is not. u guys act like its the holy grail, when the first game was very good but not close to great.

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Stryfeno13758d ago

Can't wait...If they have a midnight launch, this will be the first game I will go and get in the middle of the night.

Heldrasil3758d ago

Why not just get some sleep and pick it up in the morning? No game or other form of entertainment is worth standing outside in the middle of the night with the Nerd-herd to get the "first hands on" experience with something.

Filet of Children3758d ago

I've done the midnight launch... and man, it's just not worth it. Get some sleep, grab the game in the morning, and actually enjoy playing it instead of feeling so tired all day that you want to puke.

deeznuts3758d ago

I don't sleep until about 3 am everyday anyways, so midnight launches are like 9pm launches to me ... however I will never stand in line for something lol. I can wait.

Empty my gamefly queue of all games except the launch one, and bam, game delivered a day or two after launch.

cito35th3758d ago

a playable version? haha hopefully they dont lie to you just like in E3...." here are we playing gears 2 LIVE..." then the video stopped and the video started playing again hahahaha that was epic

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pp3758d ago

I am so looking forward to gears of war 2 its a must buy

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