Checking For A Game Informer Cover Curse - Do These Games Pan Out?

Multiplayer's Tracey John writes:

"Over the years, gamers have seen dozens of high-profile titles make their world debut by being featured on the cover of Game Informer. In fact, if you're a regular shopper at GameStop, you're probably one of the magazine's more than two million readers.

But does a game getting on Game Informer's cover signal it's going to be great?

Can you be confident that these debuts will, one or two years later, become games you want to buy and play? Perhaps the GI has a "Madden" curse (though that was recently debunked) - or, instead, maybe it offers a Game Informer… blessing?

Recent covers of games such as "Ghostbusters" and "Prototype" (both in publishing limbo) or "Dark Sector" (released to flat reviews) might make a GI reader wonder.

We decided to look at a 55-issue run of Game Informer – from June 2003 to December 2007 - to see which games lived up to GI's hype… and which ones didn't. We also tracked the games' review scores, so you can see one measure of how well they turned out."

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