Source: GTA IV DLC to launch in "January or February" next year

A source close to Rockstar has told VG247 that Microsoft is "wrong" to expect the 360 GTA IV DLC in 2008.

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sonarus3736d ago

Why is this ps3 related.

I still find it funny how msoft overhyped their DLC lol

pav23233736d ago

FDLC written on the wall...... could have been a coincidence but who really believes that.

Well anyway...I got bored with the game about 50% through, and I loved the old GTA games

HighDefinition3736d ago

They should probaly just SCRAP it and ask for a bit of the $$$ back.

Darkiewonder3736d ago

I believed FDLC was Fire Department of Liberty City. Others can believe something else F. DLC ;3

whoelse3736d ago

I remember very clearly Take Two saying it would be 09.

hazeblaze3736d ago

Yea, but the correct abbreviation would have been LCFD (Liberty City Fire Department)... Just like LCPD (Liberty City Police Department). I highly doubt it was just a 'typo'.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

No matter what the downloadable content is it wasn't worth 50 million dollars. Now Rock Star has to satisfy Microsoft with this add-on that Microsoft was promising on day one. This was the whole reason why XBOX 360 bought the XBOX 360 version, for the added content. To me I think the downloadable content won't be as great as Microsoft made it out to be.

It would be another Halo 3, meaning it's a solid purchase, but the hype was too high on the pedestal to achieve.

Homicide3735d ago

By the time this comes out, no one would care. They'll be too busy playing Gears 2 and waiting for the next Halo.

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PimpHandStrong3736d ago


anyway im going over to open zone to share a thought

ThatCanadianGuy3736d ago

Microsoft telling tall tales again it seems..who would of thought..

AngryXbot3735d ago

I thought it was common knowledge that the insignificant DLC was not gonna appear this year.

Dyingduck3735d ago

M$ and flopping...flopped before it got released...nice

PimpHandStrong3736d ago

one less holiday game to sell for MS

how can you go from having "the best holiday lineup" in 2007 to having nothing in 2008!

and yea

they havnt had sh!t all year that wasnt multi-platform!


MS only gives out the good games when it counts! Nov and Dec!

If MS didnt spend that money to get GTA to launch sameday as the PS3 version they would have had NOTHING all year! NOTHING

pwnsause3736d ago

well thats what happens when you port everything you got in one shot. M$ is a fail company, they make Stupid decisions. Sony Makes Stupid decisions as well, but M$ does a Hell of a lot more. At least Sony was smart enough to spread out their games during the PS3's Lifecycle.

dro3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

if this is true to bad :(

i could not care about dlc any way,gta4 is the crapest game i have played this gen(ok its not the crapest) but i sure do hate it alot bcuz of how downgraded it is....

give me saint row2 and i will be happy,that has all the fun things gta4 did not include.

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The story is too old to be commented.