Uncharted tops first UK PS3 budget chart

From With the introduction of the Platinum range to Europe it was always going to be interesting to see which already best-selling title would top the budget chart.

The award goes to ... Uncharted.

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dro3734d ago

im so happy more and more pple will see the grpahics.. uncharted is one of those games that was not a huge commercial success but it is one of the best games this gen.

chaosatom3734d ago

I love those prince of persia action adventure type games.

kosha3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Theyve reduced the price and added trophies so it would be pretty stupid not to buy this game right now if you havent already

meepmoopmeep3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

i'm glad more people will play this fabulous game as well.
it's worth $60 to begin with.

all i can say is Uncharted 2 will sell a lot better now that more peeps are playing this first one.

Panthers3733d ago

I think it was a pretty good commercial success too. It has sold quite a bit. They are making a bundle with it now so it should do even better.

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PimpHandStrong3734d ago

if someone knows share that

this game was awesome and needs to be played by every PS3 owner

cahill3734d ago

However this Platinum release might sell an extra 2 m. plus take 160 gb sales which will spur it to something like 6m by the end of the year

Uncharted is topping the charts of every retailer in europe

Cajun Chicken3734d ago

A real showcase to see what PS3 can deliver in experience, graphics and animation without using a middleware engine.
Thank you Naughty Dog for being one of the most artistically talented devs out there.

Rama262853734d ago

I wonder how much this has to do with trophies? I got the game when it first came out last year and it's certainly one of my favourite games for the PS3, but I wonder how many people gave this gem a try because of trophies??

clintos593734d ago

Its really an amazing achievement especially graphically at that time because it really just blew me away and the graphics were so good, that Uncharted to this day is still one of the best looking games on any console period.

If u havent bought this game I am telling u now, u are really missing out on a great title.

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The story is too old to be commented.