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Console Obsession says: "As cute and quirky as Push Me Pull You is, I would say there's not a lot to keep you coming back to play this game about conjoined worm-people and at £11.49 on the PlayStation Store, admittedly it is a tad over-priced; our recently reviewed Coffin Dodgers didn't offer much in the way of content, though at least it was reasonably priced. The premise of the game is to wrap yourself around a ball any way you can and try to keep it in your area of the playing court to gain points. To do this, you control a strange worm with a human head and hands at either end, stretching and shrinking its body and wriggling all over the place in order to get a hold of and keep the ball; the characters have no other skills other than stretching and shrinking their bodies, and this needs to be used strategically in order to win."

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