Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball Now Coming to Wii

Previously a downloadable exclusive to PSN and XBLA, Pirates Vs. Ninja's Dodgeball is making its way to the Wii via retail this Winter. Not only is it making its way over to the Nintendo juggernaut, its doing so with quite a few exclusive features, such as a story mode and customization options.

"The competition between the Pirates and the Ninjas is so huge that battles are breaking out all over," said Harry Miller, El Presidente of Gamecock Media Group. "We're happy to bring this grand conflict to the Wii, and give players the chance to help determine who the ultimate champions are."

Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball will have scurvy thieves squaring off against crafty martial artists in large, detailed arenas. The game allows for up to eight players and offers a total of seven teams, including pirates, ninjas, robots and zombies plus three unannounced ball slingers. Each team utilizes its own unique techniques and strategies to try and ultimately defeat the enemies. Unique to Wii version, the game will offer all-new story and challenge modes, along with several customized control schemes.

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Darkiewonder3764d ago

actually it was assumed for both PSN and XBLA but it later changed from confirmation to being a XBLA exclusive and not it's a XBLA and Wii [Disc? WHY?] Exclusive.

floatingworld3764d ago

If the game is above $20 for retail on the Wii its a ridiculous ripoff. If they try to charge even 30 or 40 the additions better be pretty amazing.