UGO: Top 50 Soulcalibur IV Create-a-Characters

UGO writes: "We all love Soul Calibur IV. The huge cast of characters combined with the series' signature weapons-based fighting has kept us glued to our consoles for hours on end--I still have it sitting in my disc tray at home. But the real hook of this latest installment has to be the character creator that was introduced in Soul Calibur III. With just a little creativity, fans have churned out custom characters that draw their inspiration from across the spectrum of media. Comics, movies, celebrities, other games... if you can think of someone that you want to fight as (or against), chances are you can put together some resemblance of them with the toolset the developers provided.

"We've scoured the net and online matches in search of some of the best custom fighters out there to bring you our list of the top 50 user-made characters. We ranked each based on creativity, resemblance to the source material, and a little bit of personal bias (some things are just cooler than others). There are sure to be some characters that we missed out on because we either couldn't find a picture or we didn't stumble across them while preparing this Top 50. I'm sorry Turtle fans, I couldn't find any Ninja Turtles despite my endless searching. Here are UGO's Top 50 User-Created Soul Calibur Characters."

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bunbun7773731d ago

I really enjoyed seeing all the variations- the black mage was sweet!

nbsmatambo3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

these creations are wonderful

lol, jesus made me chuckle

Bnet3433731d ago

Alien being #1 was a good choice.

Mr PS33731d ago

But were is my Character
I Created
B!tch Slap Bot
He's is Butt Ugly,Puny,Soft as Sh!t,basically He's a Real Inbred Freak
And i Whip the Living Piss Outa his Scrawny Ass every Day

Kami3731d ago

i created a kick ass spawn. but i guess nobody has seen it.

Laexerias3731d ago

Then make a photo and show him to us Kami, i would love to see a Spawn! :D

Daigoji_Gai3731d ago

Jesus, starting off the list, was just too much...

Sitdown3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I thought the same thing...especially since it was not biblically accurate. The labeling of him as a celebrity is interesting, odd, and just a tad bit humorous.

spoon3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )


I made an Ugly, filthy, fat, dirty ass lucking c0ck smoking xbox fanboy and ITS NOT ON THERE EVEN

it the most realistic lookin charcter and the closest you can get to a real xbox fanboy.

here it is...........

BrotherNick3731d ago

god I'd be pissed getting killed by the pink kitty.

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The story is too old to be commented.