Wii MotionPlus a response to the technology in Darwin?

Wii MotionPlus is an undeniable step-up in terms of the accuracy of the Wii remote, yet it's a valid point to say that such technology should have already been available in the controller since the Wii launched. So, why has Nintendo taken an initiative to increase the "power" of the controller? The makers of Darwin are making a case that Nintendo is launching MotionPlus as a response to their product.

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mindedone3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

just SCREAM speculation and guess. It makes me feel like I'm reading The Enquirer.

EDIT: And after reading the rumor, I see I was correct. It's an article about an interview with the MAKERS of Darwin, who get their own rumors from their grandmothers, cousins, and the neighbors down the street.

ChickeyCantor3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Why do people have the idea hardware can just pop-up in a day without doing months of research and spend money on the actually tech.

These articles are LAME.
I doubt Nintendo even knew about the controller before they could even put Motion-plus as a response.

Parapraxis3733d ago

"It’s still missing the magnetometers, so it’s still a system that needs that IR strip to figure out where it is, whereas the Darwin is completely self-contained."

Kind of like the SIXAXIS controller, which actually has far more accuracy that the Wiimote, however it still has the primary function of a standard controller.
Protip: SIXAXIS was out long before the "darwin" concept.

ChickeyCantor3733d ago

Sixaxes looks nothing like Darwin or the Wii-mote.
Thats the concern here, when people see the Sixaxes/Dualshock 3 they will not associate it with the Wii-mote or Darwin.

Sixaxes may have more accuracy then the Wii-mote now but you still hold it differently. The IR on top of it makes it more functional in terms of usage.
Still i don't think M+ was the response to Darwin, because you don't magically make hardware in a day or 2 the moment you hear about a company making a controller.(especially not Nintendo since they aren't really a Hardware company like Sony)

Parapraxis3733d ago

It isn't remote-shaped hence the "it still has the primary function of a standard controller. " bit.
However functionally it works better.
"A major feature of the controller is the ability to sense both rotational orientation and translational acceleration along all three dimensional axes, providing six degrees of freedom"
- Wiki
If any company could easily make a more accurate remote-shaped peripheral it's Sony.

My point, in the end, was that it's much more likely Nintendo looked at the accelerometor and 3D movement of the SIXAXIS when making the M+, not the "darwin" controller.

ChickeyCantor3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Nintendo was already looking into gyroscopes shortly after launch but for the Wii-mote the Hardware wasn't ready.
They could have, but even Sony suddenly popped up with motion controls after everyone hating the banana/boomerang and Nintendo revealing the Wii-mote.

Let's face it Sony already had loads of this kind of hardware, Nintendo has to look somewhere else for it. Even the Sound chip in the SNES was from Sony XD(hence Sony coming out so soon with Sixaxes shortly after Wii-mote was revealed)
So who got it from who is something we will never know.

TruthbeTold3732d ago

...about getting Xbox360 owners to buy this thing, they would have just shaped it like a gun and called it a day. Nintendo has already got the lock on mini games with waggle. A host of people aren't going to flock out to buy a 360 specifically with this thing. On the other hand, even the many gamers who like aiming with their thumbs on a FPS can't help but like the idea of actual gun-like aiming and shooting in such games.

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