GH dev mocks Rock Band cymbals

It was never going to be pretty - and with Guitar Hero World Tour set to go head to head with Rock Band 2 this autumn, the rock 'n' roll royal rumble has begun in earnest.

Speaking to Eurogamer last week at Game Convention 2008, Guitar Hero director Brian Bright scorned Harmonix' attempts to match the feature set of the World Tour drum kit, while ostensibly clearing up the mystery surrounding the rumoured new peripherals for Neversoft's title.

"I don't know how far ahead they planned that - we obviously revealed [our drum kit] much earlier than they did," said Bright, referencing Harmonix' plan to release separate clip-on cymbals for Rock Band set-ups.

"I've a feeling there was a: 'Oh s***! There's cymbals! How can we put cymbals on our kit?' That would be the easiest way without having to rewire everything and re-engineer the entire circuit board."

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Ice2ms3762d ago

Lol at GHWT dev seems as if his symbals arnt made properly >:P serves him right

RevN8r3762d ago

"... GHWT appreared at the gaming convention in Germany, and apparently, the drum's high-hat and crash cymbals have been breaking completely off...The source also said that they have went through (I think) 2 sets of cymbals since he has been there and they only have 1 left...He also said they had to tape the drum pedal to the floor to prevent it from it sliding around."

That's just amazingly awesome. I also love how he says they showed theirs "much earlier." Wasn't it like a week, maybe two at the most?

For me, the choice is clear - The more realistic 4 pad 3 cymbal RB2 kit simply makes more sense as a drummer. Add to that the 84 songs on disk plus 20 downloadable at launch, the entire back catalog of RB1 and DLC songs, and backward compatibility with the other instruments - it seems pretty much a no brainer. I may buy the GH:WT disk (there are some amazing songs on it), and I would like to try their new guitar, but Rock Band 2 will be getting most of my money.

Ice2ms3762d ago

I know the 3 cymbals (which you can have in any configuration you wish) with the 4 pads = PERFECT. There are more than 84 songs on the disc I think - like the bonus songs a la Bang Camaro, Freezepop etc. Also there will be 500 available songs by the end of the year ^^ so endless fun.

Adamalicious3762d ago

I hate Neversoft for ruining the GH franchise. I'm loyal to Harmonix who brought us the whole thing in the first place - and I totally want the new RB2 drums.

Fadixon3762d ago

i still dont know which special edition band kit to get hope they review the kits soon im leaning more on guitar hero world tour bec of the drums and i heard the guitar is better than rock band (never tried it but tried rock band's guitar) so ill just have to wait :(

iggypop1233762d ago

just lowers your prices and no one minds anything.

Baka-akaB3762d ago

who care i'm getting the gh4 guitar because i feel its better ... i could very well get wich-ever battery is the best . The onyl sure buy game so far was RB2 ...with gh4 only a possibility now that i know material is finally cross compatible .

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