Pearce on StarCraft II release date: "This year? Like, 2008? Too much work to do"

Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce has refused to commit hugely anticipated RTS StarCraft II to a 2008 release, saying simply that the company still has "too much work to do" on the game.

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divideby03733d ago

must buy on release, but no biggie if not this year...I already have 6 MUST buy games from now to years end

kevnb3733d ago

is a fool, just look at prior releases from Blizzard and how long those took to come out after announcement.

orakga3733d ago

2 years.

So, if this comes out by XMas 2009, we'd be lucky.
Same for Diablo 3, I guess...

Quickstrike3732d ago

Its the same thing I've been telling ppl for months and they all kept lol @ me and called me dumb. I bet they are feeling pretty dumb right now

caseyjr863697d ago

I knew this.. But also that apparantly its coming out in the summer of 2009, according to this article I just found..