BioShock PS3 DLC 'right now exclusive'

During Leipzig Games Convention last week caught up with 2K Games senior producer Melissa Miller and asked her if the exclusive content will also come out on 360.

Miller replied: "The answer is no. Right now this is a PS3 exclusive."

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DavidMacDougall3734d ago

Like no one seen that coming they want all the money they can from this who really cares ?

sonarus3734d ago

Exactly. Bioshock devs are going to suck up to ps3 owners hard just because the game is a yr old. Its hard to sell a yr old game and all this DLC and exclusive missions and all that crap does is try to encourage PS3 owners to buy the game.

For me its a rental at best. I don't buy yr old games...certainly not for full price anyway

chaosatom3734d ago

no one is so crazy about DLC.

Zerodin3734d ago

Teehee! Noone likes making exclusive content for the PSfail!

DavidMacDougall3734d ago

And the 2 lover boys pp and Zerodin are in first because pp c0ck ring got stuck between Zerodin teeth

juuken3734d ago

And no one likes flops more than the ThreeSixtyFloppers!

Zerodin3734d ago

I guess that's why more devs choose it over the Failstation 3.

pp3734d ago

I'll guess thats the only way bioshock on ps3 will sell so sad

Dyingduck3733d ago


Shut yho face crapbox fan

militant073734d ago

lol if its come to 360 how want to play it agine ??
i finnished that game for my gamerscore , pretty good and boring

pp3734d ago

Thats how much sony is in DEBT Hahahahahahahaha

juuken3734d ago

990 million based on the RROD epidemic says hi! ^___^

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The story is too old to be commented.