Worthplaying: Aion: The Tower of Eternity - 35 New Screens

In Aion, players are divided between those that are "The Chosen" and those that are "The Fallen." The Tower of Eternity exists as a gateway into the Abyss, and acts as a portal between dimensions. When a great evil opens the gateways, it awakens the Dragons imprisoned within the Abyss, who seek revenge on both worlds. It is here that an epic conflict begins, as you take your first steps on a journey to bring salvation to the world.

A mighty Celestial War has torn the once peaceful world of Atreia apart at the seams. In the wake of this catastrophic battle, just a few will ascend into divinity and save their people from total annihilation.

Choose from four unique character classes, gain experience and advance in one of two specialised classes. Your decisions will determine your path through Atreia, make them wisely…

Discover the inside of a world broken in two, where the only thing that connects either side is an unstable and perilous ri known as the Abyss. Choose between two divine factions, the Asmodian or the Elyos, and save your people from an ancient evil that threatens to destroy everything in its path.

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