No super-slim PS2 for the UK

Eurogamer Writes:

"Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer there are no plans to release the new super-slim PS2 console in the UK."

The new model is slightly smaller and thinner than the traditional slimline and doesn't come with an AC adapter. As reported by Kotaku, it's just started appearing in American shops."

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Le-mo3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

So...Sony will be releasing it in Europe, but not in the UK? Are they forgetting that UK is part of Europe. Unless of course they actually meant "No Super-slim PS2 for Europe."

kwicksandz3677d ago

Sony is waiting 6 months to find a feature they can remove for the UK launch of the super slim

PS1 games??? Sorry Brits we want you to buy ps2 games no need for backward compat, thats only for America!

Caxtus7503677d ago


Bubbles for you :)

user94220773678d ago

Nope just for UK.

And again we are last.

Cajun Chicken3678d ago

At last SCEE is counting the UK as a separate entity from Europe.
Yes, the UK is part of the EU, but it is not Europe as the most of the world thinks it so, believe it or not, we go to places in Europe for holidays, we don't just set up camp four miles down the road.

Now if only this example was positive though, as I can imagine quite a few people in the UK might want this, but to be honest, I think nearly every household has a PS2!

KyonoRocks3677d ago

Who still doesn't have a PS2?!

kazuma3677d ago

lots of ppl don't and some of them just want to buy the new one without the ac adapter, it's ugly. i still have a working ps2 pal unit, and still waiting for sony to STOP making pstwo's so i can buy the very last revision of the hardware lol

wicked3677d ago

I don't or a PS1, never liked the graphics.

PirateThom3677d ago

"never liked the graphics."

Worst reason for not owning a console, ever.

Zerodin3677d ago

LOL! Yet they continue bending over for them!

Cajun Chicken3677d ago

Sorry, I don't speak 'lame'.