Gamasutra - AIAS' Olin: Blu-ray Not Long-Term Advantage For PS3

Is the console war reaching a turning point? The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, for one thing, are reaching graphical parity, while software exclusivity, formerly a great differentiator, is becoming more and more rare.

Speaking to Gamasutra recently, Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences president Joseph Olin -- whose organization puts together the DICE conference and Interactive Achievement Awards yearly -- pegs another console advantage that might lose its relevance as the space evolves.

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McErono3757d ago

could someone please tell microsoft and all these dreaming CEO's that there are lots and lots of countries out there that have not yet bandwiths for digital downloads? bluray quality over the net is years away from the massmarket. bluray will dominate the next 5 years.

hell not even in the EU are broadband connections available everywhere...

not to mention collectors that do not do without movie boxes...

THC CELL3757d ago

BS thats all i have to say

Blu ray has won the format war

Metal gear so on

This is becoming Useless news now

Move on

PimpHandStrong3757d ago

but really

its the games that will move PS3's

blueray wont be a long term advantage because the new xbox is going to use it

dro3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

"The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, for one thing, are reaching graphical parity" the 360 is the one reaching is limit not the ps3,look at heavy rain for example!! we have not even yet seen footage of GOD OF WAR 3 and rember it is RUMORED to look like beowolf the movie but its just a RUMOR so dont get excited.

if u look at gears of war 2 the 360 best looking game it dose not look too different from the first one even tho it is an improvement it is not a huge one u would expect from part 2 of a blockbuster title,same gose for R2 the graphics in R2 is an improvement but they are some areas that look a little bit like the last one;but the thing is sony has killzone2 which is a fps that obviously shows graphical power more than any in the market rite now while the 360 dose not have that,i rember them saying killzone 2 was using 4and a half of the 7 cells the ps3 use, and they are not even maxing out the 4and a half they are using;so can u imagine how it will look if they maxed out 7 of the cells!! the 360 has good graphics but it cannot come near to what the ps3 offers,dont forget uncharted 2 has not yet been shown and we all know how uncharted 1 looked like. the ps3 has a long way to go in terms of graphics bcuz the cell/blu ray offers a lot while the 360 dose not have that backing it up.

on topic: blu ray will be a long term advantage for the ps3 just like dvd was for the ps2;will u rather by a stand alone blu ray player of by a blu ray player that gives u a game console as well as free internet/online gaming?!?!?!

pav23233757d ago

my on. nuff said

Cajun Chicken3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

People can't accept that;
Downloadable movies are not the future households format of movies.
Blu-Ray may not have better quality than high quality downloads as they are the same.
What Blu-Ray does have is features like subtitles, special features, interactive content that DVDs have, but DL'able movies DO NOT currently to my knowledge and won't due to the size anytime in the near future.
Also a large percentage of Blu-Ray discs are region free meaning you can watch many titles from all over the world, unlike DVD.
Meaning no more waiting times for region based movies and TV series releases.

Not long-term advantage for PS3? try asking people who want to watch DVDs, DL'able Movies and physical based media with features like I mentioned above and can also play exclusive games at the same time that take advantage of the extra space provided and if third party developers choose to.
If 'not long term' means 3 years from now, this guy is correct.

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