EU Playstation Store Update: August 28

This week's store update brings the following:

[FREE] The Last Guy

[4,99 EUROS] Buzz! Junior Jungle Party
[19,99 EUROS] Medal of Honor Heros 2 (PSP)

[5,99 EUROS] Warhawk - Operation Fallen Star

E3 2008 - Far Cry 2
Movement - London: Back in the UK
Movement - Bianca Rose Interview
Movement - Doll's House: I Hate Today
Movement - Doll's House Interview
Movement - London: Doing the Tourist Thing
Movement - Bianca Rose: What Will Remain
Movement - Doll's House: 9988
Movement - Bianca Rose: Rainy Nights

[FREE] The Last Guy

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kspraydad3524d ago

now has 1 business day left to give us Life with PlayStation...

Winter47th3524d ago

Linger in Shadows should be interesting.

whoelse3523d ago

So no Linger or Last Guy (only demo)!

Thats a shame.

Darkiewonder3523d ago

UK PSN does have The Last Guy full game up actually. for ₤4.99

Overr8ed3523d ago

PS life should be good, i just need it before skool starts to try it out.

poopsack3523d ago

whoelse is known for getting his info wrong.

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dro3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

im sorry but did they just give us NHL...this is europe not america,we dont play/watch hockey over here... -.-

kspraydad3524d ago Russia starting a Super League and 30% to 40% of NHLers coming from the EU is all just a mirage?

BlackCountryBob3524d ago

Some people cannot be pleased. You got a demo to play so play it or ignore it.

People are either complaining there aint enough content and then when they get content they complain its not what they want.

Thargoth3523d ago

Hockey is big in EU, at least in the nordic countries.

Surfman3523d ago

No it was Nhl 2K9, not NHL 09. NHL 09 is by EA (best hockey games yet) and the NHL 2k9 is by 2k. NHL 09 should be better than the last one.

Yipee Bog3523d ago

this is America, and I don't play/watch hockey either

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UnblessedSoul3524d ago

Europe does have hockey its just not as popular as the other sports

pandabear3524d ago

Where is Linger in Shaddows???

It is confirmed for today on EU store - by Sony Europe!!!

Lucreto3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Where is Linger in Shadow.

I am waiting for it. It looks like I have to wait another week for it.

I will have to keep an eye on threespeech.

edit. I see no update yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.