Atomic Gamer Preview: Star Wars The Force Unleashed

AG reports:

''The Force Unleashed probably hasn't gotten the respect it deserves from game journalists. Originally compared to many previous mediocre Star Wars games, many have passed off the game as something that looks flashy but just doesn't deliver enough to be fun. Oh, sure, LucasArts has put together a crazy new physics engine (called Digital Molecular Materials) to power the game's many interesting new effects, like breaking planks of wood or panes of glass realistically. Of course, one might ask just how much plywood and glass is really present in the Star Wars universe, so you'll find that while the developers have put plenty of fights on Star Destroyers and classic Imperial bases, but they'll also be out in the wilderness so that your character, Darth Vader's secret apprentice, will be able to take down trees and smaller, less concrete-type structures with his massive Force powers.

The plot is interesting, mostly in that Vader goes against the usual Dark Side and Sith traditions of one master and one apprentice and takes his own student, the son of a Jedi that Vader is assigned to track down and kill. And from that murder comes the new apprenticeship, and your character - nicknamed Starkiller - is a force to be reckoned with. Of course, this isn't the first action game to bring Dark Side powers into your hands. The classic Jedi Knight series on PC from Raven Software did it if you chose to be on that side of the Force, and it's been meddled with here and there in other titles, but this time the Force powers are a central piece to both the game's new technologies and its combat. Many of the scenes in the game will include lots of destructible objects, pits to Force Push enemies into, and Stormtroopers to toy with.''

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