Has the 360 finally cracked Japan?

Symbiotestudios writes: "Earlier this month the Xbox 360 managed to bathe in the spotlight, selling out all over Japan at the launch of Bandai-Namco's 'Tales of Vesperia', an anime RPG exclusive to the console. Evidently this is good news for Microsoft, their machine been struggling to meet that 1million target for almost three years now, a goal which Microsoft originally expected to top by Summer 2006, and with the success of one RPG in Japan, Microsoft must be jumping for joy in the fact that they've secured a handful of Square-Enix titles. Sold out everywhere and more RPGs to come, have Microsoft finally hammered the nail right?"

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HighDefinition3759d ago

Or FF13 would DEFINITLY be coming out there, which it`s not.

DavidMacDougall3759d ago

It will never crack Japan in my opinion. Its been out for ages and its done nothing. Playstation had a slow start and its ahead of them ,there is no catching up to be done

Bnet3433759d ago

Probably not, but if you want JRPG's or even WRPG's or any RPG's, you can't look no further then Xbox 360.

Too_Hyped3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

@Kigmal : I disagree. Even for RPG I don't see what 360 has that PS3 doesn't.

PS3 has Oblivion, Disgaea, Folklore, all these are good rated games (rated ok for Folklore, not as good), with Disgaea and Folklore as exclusive RPGs. Plus, you'll have FF Vs XIII only on PS3...

And you can play tons of great PS2 RPG on your PS3 too (Persona 3 FES, Persona 4, FF XII, King Quest...) Heck, they continue to make some exceptional ones on PS2 (Persona series).

X360 has some more JRPGs, but honestly none of them had exceptional reviews, they're all okay games, except Mass Effect, but you can play it better on PC, so I don't see why you would buy a 360 for RPGs. I wanted too, but I gave up on the idea after reading the average Tales and Infinite Undiscovery reviews...

kinggeoff3759d ago

reviewers are only posting personal opinions, never know what games might be great.

I think that was the dude's point though. For JRPGs and RPGs in general, 360 has a good thing going on. PS3 is no slouch, so it's good to have both

BulletToothtony3759d ago

do these people really think that there was only 10,000 units in stock in japan to say that it sold out??

Come on now... the 360 doesn't do well in japan but it does great in the u.s... there is no need for them to spin things in order to make it seem like the 360 is gonna make a comeback..

I'm glad the 360 is a good competition to sony.. it has kept them on their toes and producing more and more games... but please stop with the 360 on japan doing great now.. it's lame

beoulve3759d ago

LOL keep writing article to convince western audience that XBOX 360 cracked Japan. Yeah keep on writing that. Maybe you can convince all the western audience but still Japan consumer is who make the purchase. So far back to 4k of xbox 360 is not at all. PS3 still double the sales of XBOX 360, but both of them not even the close to Wii.

KingME3759d ago

The thought of the 360 doing well in Japan really has a lot of you folks up in arms. Why is that? If the 360 does well in Japan, this could only be a good thing no matter how you look at it. Except of course if you're so caught up in your mindless ways that you'd rather see the 360 destroyed in all territories regardless to what it does to the gaming world as a whole. Just so you can claim the PS3 won the console war. Then what? Now that that's over what's next?

I guess if this does happen some day, it'll just give you something else to whine about. Like, "why won't Sony do this?", "why don't Sony do that?". I'll tell you why, because they have no competition that's why. So, buy you copy of Resistance 15 and shut up.

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dro3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

NO, nothing can save the 360 over there bcuz FF13 is exlusive to the ps3, that game is obviously on top of japanes pple list more than any other RPG the 360 can offer and ms knows it.

i wont be suprised if the go to square with £50 million to make it not exlusive to the ps3 in japan XD

AAACE53759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

People have so much hate for the 360 that they don't realize what it represents!

With nintendo and it's wii innovation, MS and their FPS games... That has put sony in the position to try to stand out! Nintendo and MS have basically took alot of would be developers away or are sharing them with Sony. Sony has to find a new niche. Which is why you are getting Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Flower, Mag, LBP, and all the other games that make you a proud Ps3 owner!

Without this competition, Sony might not have had the pressure to do something truely remarkable for gamers by making Little Big Planet!

I'm sure, if MS and sony thought they could get away with it... they would give us a few games we love... and then a lot of garbage games... kind of like what nintendo does!

So, it's Ok if someone doesn't like MS/ sony... but you shouldn't want either one out of the console war, cause it could lead to a dismal future for gaming!

Sorry KingMe, part of that was at you, the other part was a speech.

ThaGeNeCySt3759d ago

in my opinion, when MS can consistently sell at those spikes for more than a week, and keep the momentum going for a month or 2 (even longer) then i'll say they are BEGINNING to crack Japan

Drealmcc0y3759d ago

Well 360 is the RPG king atm

rawd3759d ago

I think you meant the 360 is the King of male ATM

foodbox3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Xbox 360 is the king of J and W RPG. No doubt about it, and the J market keeps demanding JRPG titles.

Infinite Undiscovery and Final Fantasy are going to keep the Japanese momentum going.

Without a doubt, the Xbox 360 has broken the Japanese market.

Good news for all gamers.


The point is very clear: The Japanese are buying the Xbox 360 to play games. You're just bending over backwards to apologize. There are *more* japanese-oriented titles coming, and the Xbox 360 will get its bumps at that time too. Taken together, the Xbox 360 *will* continue to improve its Japanese market -- will it "win" Japan? No. But Sony needs Japan more than MS does. And, it is quite clear that the Xbox 360 owns America -- and America is the largest and most important market.

juuken3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )


The Japanese go where the rpg's are. Once they have their fill of it, they go back to whatever they were doing before. It's clear that 360's are not well received in Japan. They're only well received when the 360 gets rpg's.

But to crown them as the king of rpg's when this generation cycle isn't even over?


EDIT: Disagreeing with facts? Then how come the sales of Tales of Vesperia went waaaaay down after it's release? How does Microsoft intend to crack the market when they can't even keep consistent numbers in Japan?

morganfell3759d ago

King of RPGs? Hardly. That is the PS2 you are thinking about. A still valid console that has walloped the 360 numerous times.

And face the facts. if you can't sell 6400 units a week over a 156 week period in a country as electronics savvy as Japan, then that should tell you something about the low grade junk quality of the 360.

Xbox 360 - The Freddy G. Sanford of consoles.

Pain3759d ago

I find it MASSIVELY funny that Xbots are Hypocrites.

2007. Xbots Retards would say.. : JP rpg's suck and r for Japstation 3 .... Western RPGs Kill that FF big hair emo crap....

2008 Xbots retard kids say : WWWW JP RPG's on XBOX 2 r da Best wooo Xbox 2 number 1!!!! Final fantasy is Koolz yalll!!!....


zo6_lover273759d ago

"Infinite Undiscovery and Final Fantasy are going to keep the Japanese momentum going."

A new IP and a game not even coming out for the 360 in Japan are supposed to keep the Japanese momentum going?

You sure?

AuToFiRE3759d ago


final fantasy isnt being released ont he 360 in japan, and just one week of 360s selling everyone is saying "oh the 360 is the king of japan" no its not, they had a super low amount of 360s in japan as it was because it wasnt selling, i think they have a stock of 25,000 in japan? thats not hard to sell out

Dyingduck3759d ago

"Evidently this is good news for Microsoft, their machine been struggling to meet that 1million target for almost three years now, a goal which Microsoft originally expected to top by Summer 2006..."

So this is like giving the award for Most Improvement to the worst guy? ROFL!

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Omega43759d ago

Well they're certainly doing better, an average of 4,000 a week is better than an average of 1,000