Átomig Gamer Review: Bangai-O Spirits

AG reports:

''Ok, pop quiz-what's Bangai-O Spirits? A) A professional curling team, B) A new sake-based cocktail mixer, or C) A Japanese leprechaun?

Stumped? The answer is...none of the above! And no, smart guy, it is not how people in Asia spell Bengay.

Bangai-O Spirits is the latest 2D shooter from Japanese developer, Treasure. Gamers can't be blamed if they're a little leery of Treasure's games; after all the company has something of a storied past. Their titles represent some of the best and the goofiest of their kind, ranging from the entertaining Astro Boy: Omega Factor and Gunstar Heroes games, to the unplayable Stretch Panic, and the inexplicable McDonald's Treasureland Adventure. Yeah, that's McDonald's as in "Ronald McDonald". Doesn't that paint a picture?''

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