Worthplaying Review: Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

WP reports:

''When the first screenshots of Disgaea 3 hit the Internet nearly a year ago, I looked at them and said to myself, "Lies! All lies!" Indeed, most of the Internet apparently said the same thing, and why not? Nippon Ichi, N1 to its fans, had long been criticized for reusing art assets and engines from game to game for their PS2 efforts. With Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, they were apparently recycling the engine and much of the assets of the PS2's Disgaea 2 onto a 1080p Blu-Ray PlayStation 3 title. The 3-D backgrounds, still simple and largely textureless, were benefiting from the increasing resolution, but the sprites looked absolutely sad. On the whole, it felt like such a profound act of laziness that it was breathtaking, and after playing the game for a while, I feel the same way. Presentation this primitive is inexcusable on a machine like the PS3; characters don't have frames of animation for jumping, and even the fonts are unchanged and occasionally difficult to read if you're sitting too far away from your TV.

Ah, but the gameplay … that is very good indeed, if amazingly baroque. The original Disgaea catered heavily to the OCD mentality of gamers, while Disgaea 2 took a leap forward into catering to Asperger Syndrome. With Disgaea 3's extremely complex system of character upgrade - involving using Mana to buy most character skills, upgrade skills, and purchase passive abilities called "Evilities" - appears to be catering to the paranoid schizophrenic gamer market. Sometimes it seems like too much, and this is probably a game most players tackle with a guide or GameFAQs at their side, just to keep track of what they're trying to do.''

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Omega43762d ago

Another Flop on the RPG front for the PS3, seems like the only genre they're good at for games wait there isnt one lol

spoon3762d ago

This game was rated down becuase of graphics

Tales of Verpira has the graphix and gameplay and still got a


Luca Blight3762d ago

Can't put it down. The visuals are fine IMO too. Omega4, why don't you get out of your trollbox and actually play the game. Oh right, you can't - lol

GamerMan3762d ago

Got this game last night expecting at least some cutscene animations and was disappointed that they made me hit x to continue the storyboard. Would of been nice if they would of done that for me so I could enjoy the story without hitting the dang x after every sentence was spoken. Oh well ... that is my major gripe with the whole thing.

Overall though, I didn't buy this game for graphics, although the story was a reason, the main reason I got it for is the lovely strategy and gameplay mechanics and that is where this game really shines. I definitely recommend it to those that enjoyed the previous installations as I did.. It is only $50 after all :)

Raoh3762d ago

have mine coming in from gamefly.. i never played the series so i figured i would rent it first, if i like it i'll keep it.

Raoh3762d ago

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