Videogamer Preview: Dark Void

Videogamer reports:

''Gears of War is one of the best games of this generation. Crimson Skies on the Xbox was criminally overlooked and one of the games most deserving of a sequel it probably won't get. So when we saw that Capcom's Dark Void is in development at ex-Crimson Skies dev Airtight and appears to borrow quite a lot from Gears, we got quite excited. If you've been longing for a third-person shooter mixed with arcade aerial combat, step right up.

In Dark Void you play as Will, a pilot who accidentally flies through the Bermuda Triangle while delivering cargo. As the game's title suggests, he ends up in a void where things aren't quite as they are in the real world. There's a war going on between a group of freedom fighters and an enemy known as the Watchers. Will joins the resistance and helps scavenge materials in order for the freedom fighters to build a means to escape. It's all very sci-fi and presumably there's more to what's going on than what we've seen during a brief 20 minute demonstration.''

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