playstation uncensored #33

we at it again sarah lord xire and goodfellajay get you up 2 date with all the gaming news and much more socom beta winners and hiphop gamer get own

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HighDefinition3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Isn`t that much a "fangirl" she just prefers PS, nothing is wrong w/ that. Just like Jenzo (for example) prefers 360, I don`t consider him a "fanboy"

POG is a "fanboy" there is only a FEW REAL 'fanboys/girls" here.

Everyone else just claims their preference.

Stryfeno13527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

How can you prefer the PS3 without even owning a 360? You don't even know what the other machine is capable of.

Please stop making excuses.

PimpHandStrong3527d ago

You don't even know what the other machine is capable of.


yea we do

its like you think ppl that own just one system have never played anything other then the one they own......well im sure we have a few of those

like me :)

when im at a buddys house and he wants to play the 360 i just play a round or two then tell him im bored of this! I just wacth

Then i go home and play Warhawk

Stryfeno13527d ago

LMAO, maybe you are playing the boring games.

Finch3526d ago

Or just being a child refusing to show any interress.

KillahCam3527d ago

Juuken your not a fangirl you just prefer the BEST I'm not mad at you for that!!!!! :0)

FPSJunkie3527d ago

Why are you using another persons name for a podcast. Its obvious because you know you wont get approved using playstation uncensored as a title. But really, lame podcast, poor quality and you need more interesting people on there.

Solid_Snake6663526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

yea the only podcast i listen to is GOS and its great

KratosKilla3525d ago

He approves his own stories.

Drakol3525d ago

Is the best form of lfattery ;)

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