3 Reasons Why Sucker Punch’s Spider-Man Game Would Dominate

Jack from Knerds discusses why, even if the rumors of a Sucker Punch Spider-Man project might be false, he wants them to be true.

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Germany7946d ago

Sucker Punch is the perfect studio to make a new open-world Spiderman game.

I really hope it's true.

sloth3395946d ago

as long as its better than Second Son that game was too short to get a plat in it

GHOSTxx420946d ago

Yea me too i could see this being really good

NukaCola946d ago

I really can see an amazing Spiderman game. We literally could have a 60-100 hour open world game with so much to do! SuckerPunch could easily match if not surpass Arkham and Spidey 2 if they really go all out. We have only about a month until E3. This would be an one two kaboom announcement. Hype held until they show it, then Ill ride the train to F-Yeah town!

DigitalRaptor946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

I hope it's true. The potential in my mind for a SPP helmed open-world Spider-Man game leveraging Marvel's already established canon, overbears anything else they could be working on. I would simply love to see their take on it.

Spider-Man is already a huge entertainment property and beloved comic-book character. Homecoming is going to be one of the biggest movies of next year. If it's true, the game will probably be co-marketed, so PS4 & Spider-Man = a massive 2017.

nevin1946d ago

So it will be based on the movie? =(

ninsigma946d ago

Hope not. I'd rather an independent spiderman game where the story is built from the ground up to be told through games. Movies don't translate to games very well.

DigitalRaptor944d ago

No, I don't think so.

It might have loose ties, but I think it will be its own story.

PizzaSteve946d ago

I liked all the Infamous games. I trust Sucker Punch to make a great Spider Man game.

FallenAngel1984946d ago

These rumors aren't true, so all these articles talking about it are pointless

ninsigma946d ago

Rumours never are until they're confirmed. It's at least possible though since Activision don't hold the licenses anymore.

FallenAngel1984945d ago

Just because Activision. Lost the license doesn't mean Sony automatically picked them up

PirateOfTheDeep946d ago

dominate? spider man games have been irrelevant for years and years and years but now because its sony exclusive, its going to dominate?? LOL hilarious

ninsigma946d ago

They haven't been irrelevant, they just haven't been good. In the hands of sucker punch it could be a massive hit.

Darkfist946d ago

A sony exclusive, that being made by a first party devs that knows how to make a superhero game.

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