Physics is a changing tide for games development

Until this generation of hardware, game worlds were essentially dead. Beyond a few token splatters of mud and the odd unconvincing weather effect, the complex interplay of organic and elemental forces that shape our own environment were beyond the technical limitations of games machines. But with multicore PCs, Xbox 360 and PS3, physics is coming to the fore - game developers are investing into virtual worlds the same simulations of underlying systems that now enliven character animations.

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kittoo3762d ago

Physics has taken amazing leaps from past generation. I think it all started with Half life 2 and reached peak in Crysis.
Its good to see destructible environments (although stranglehold was a bad game, I played it only because the destruction was so awesome), beautiful and realistic animations (killzone 2 is looking freaking awesome because of this) or new ways of interactivity (nothing touches Crysis in this area).