D+PAD Review: Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty

D+Pad Magazine: Perhaps we're being overly harsh, because what we really want to say is that Quest for Booty is worth your time, despite its unacceptably short length. However, herein lies the fundamental problem – the game is such a bite-size portion, such a small snippet of what we've already seen before, that it becomes difficult to truly recommend.

Brian Allgeier, the game's creative director, states that Quest for Booty is an excellent entry point for players who are unfamiliar with the Ratchet & Clank universe. To be quite honest, Tools of Destruction does that just fine, leaving Quest for Booty in a halfway house that neither us as gamers nor Insomniac as developers have ever taken residence in before. If truth be told, it's a halfway house we'd rather spend as little time as possible in.

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Silogon3733d ago

I gauge R&C QFB like this

4 hours of an incredible, non stop, platforming experience with the best animation graphics seen on any console. All for 15 bucks.


Gears of War, 5 hours of gameplay on hard for 60 bucks.


Uncharted on Crushing 7 hours and 33 min of gameplay for 60 bucks.


Heavenly Sword 5 hours for 60 bucks.

I can go on but there is no point. R&C is well worth anyone's time and money. They are the best games of their genre and there isn't a game released that can match it's graphic quality when considering the source material. This is as close as anyone has ever come to Pixar CG quality in game. Can't say the same for a lot of those 60 dollar 5 hour games, though.

hay3733d ago

Didn't thought about it that way. I have it already and it's fun as hell. You changed my point of view, bubbles.


deserves a buble becouse he has changed a lot !

ps. wasnt siliogon a bot before ? :P