HEXUS.gaming previews : Heavy Rain - PS3

HEXUS.gaming take a look at the spiritual success to the interactive adventure Fahrenheit (AKA Indidgo Prophecy)

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Bombibomb3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Apparently these morons don't even know that Sony is publishing Heavy Rain.

shadowghost7523736d ago

Correct me if i am wrong but that means that the game will be an exclusive (meaning microsoft cannot buy it).

Bombibomb3736d ago

You are correct. If just that their "exclusive (for now)" comment was very stupid. If you're going to preview a game at least know who's publishing / developing the game lol.

jonnyvito3736d ago

Quantic Dream is developing the game, not Sony.

Sony is the publisher of which it states that at the top of the article.It's you who needs to do the research.