Is it right to make entertainment out of war?

Do we have the right to appropriate the harsh experiences of real war in the services of another WWII fragfest...

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shadowghost7523680d ago

You can say the same thing about war films.

InMyOpinion3680d ago

As long as the americans are portrayed as the good guys it's ok.

TradingWarStories3680d ago

whether to agree or disagree, this time their the bad guys.

WengYong3680d ago

Is that Fedor in your avatar ???

What ever sells IMO.

InMyOpinion3680d ago

Yes it is. The best MMA fighter alive.

Baba19063680d ago

what about books and film? come on this is just stupid. or what about art and musik that speak of war? and wars should not be forgotten. so of course it should be made and brought back into our memories. its not like its making any harm. its just fiction.

seraph pinion3680d ago

Just so you know, the whole of human endeavor and experience is comedy, not drama. So lighten the f**k up, it's just life, and as Carlin said, the only thing worth losing.

PainisCupcake3680d ago

I think the majority of WW2 games, esp COD, BiA and MOH, (in its early PS1 years) try to be educational and remind you that this all happened for real, even if its only very small.

wibble3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

They try to educate on how to give the nice man at Best Buy $50.

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