The Too Human Hate Machine

Xbox 360 Wire writes

"I really don't understand. Unfortunately, it seems the general populace does not share in my excitement and appreciation for Silicon Knights' latest release, "Too Human". Metacritic has an average review score just under 70, and I personally feel betrayed by an industry I once aspired to join. Too Human was, and is, one of the greatest and most involving entertainment experiences I have yet to witness in this lifetime"

That being said, I'd like to compare the title to another X360 exclusive RPG, "Mass Effect".

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Jamie Foxx3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

welcome to what ps3 owners have had to put up with from the media since its release, how uncharted & MGS4 got some 8s ill never know (well i do know,biasness and fanboyismn which is tainting the gaming industry on a whole).

cant talk bout too human,never played it but when developers pour their heart into a game just for it to be shot down by a reviewer because their jealous its not on their console of choice seriously shows how deep fanboyism has come,its the cancer of gaming.look at some of the comments on N4G, its ridiclous when your totally blinded by fanboyism

Bleem3603734d ago

I really can't comment on Too Human - downloaded the demo on release but I've so many other great games to get through I havent even had time to try it out yet. Negative press has put me off, but it seems like one of those 'love it or hate it' type games.

I didn't particularly enjoy the Diablo series so I'm not holding out too much hope.

xm15e2s3734d ago

I have not been able to find a store near me that has any copies in stock (I ended up buying it online) so it looks like the game is selling well despite the gaming journalist's best efforts.

Idonthatejustcreate3734d ago

Some may think it's great because they like the features of the game and the story. Some may think it's good but they think it felt lackluster. Some may think that it's ok but not for them. And some hate it because they can't get a grip on it.

Most people thought it was ok and what exactly is so wrong with that? They don't hate it when they rate it a 7. A 2 or 3 is understandable if given by someone that is hating on Too human but a 7? They are not hating on it they just don't like it.

Even more simplified. Compare MGS4 to Too Human... wait for it... done? Now you know why Too human got a 7.

Montrealien3734d ago

''Honestly is it so hard to understand that not everyone thinks Too human is the best thing ever?''


joemayo763734d ago

I enjoyed too human and believe that too human is a game with great potential yet, potential DOESN'T make a game great, the end product does. And this is wear it slips a bit its not a bad game (far from it) I think its a slightly above average game, however to compare it Mass Effect (even with its flaws the ME end product still is far better than TooHuman IMO)? i don't think both games are in the same field

So i don't see the hate this writer is writing about, a Meta score of 7 (B-) is nothing to gloat about but at the same time its still far from a fail. Its being called as it is, except for those who totally write off this game as a fail, thats just a fanboyism most certainly

Bleem3603734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )


That's actually quite inacurate - the reviews are going against what was expected of Too Human.

The majority of us expected it to be receiving 90+ scores almost everywhere. Compare expectation with reality and that's where the fail comes from.

Put it this way, if Little Big Planet, Killzone 2 or even FF get scores averaging 7/10, that would be considered a fail.

Same applies here.

Montrealien3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

"The majority of us expected it to be receiving 90+ scores almost everywhere"

You should never ever expect anything, or else you will be disappointed 95% of the time. Just take a game for what it is, try it, and judge it for yourself.

"Put it this way, if Little Big Planet, Killzone 2 or even FF get scores averaging 7/10, that would be considered a fail. "

As long as I have fun with those games, there is no fail, just good games, and if I don't like them, then I won't try to convince the world those games are crap, that is ummm, very immature? Fighting for what is supposed to be an amazing game when it got 7's and is seen as a "fail" is open zone stuff imo. Any gamer in the gamer zone should understand that and be unbiased and unaffected by "hype" imho.

game on

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Tacki3734d ago

I don't really see how you can feel 'betrayed' by game review sites as its their job to give their opinion and take on games. I can understand not agreeing with them and maybe finding fault in their criticisms... but betrayed? My God, you're not sleeping with these sites. Well, perhaps some of you are... I don't know about any of your personal lives.

Seriously though, I don't see why so many seem to be so caught up with review scores. You can enjoy the game regardless of whether Emperorbob357 on some website enjoyed it equally. I understand that Too Human probably has garnered alot of hate and bashing because it's 'the thing to do'... but I think some in their love for a particular game can forget that maybe not everyone shares those same feelings. I've personally played the demo and I really couldn't get into the game. It's just not for me... but I know there's lots of loot lovers out there having a grand ole' time. That's the beauty of opinion... everyone's entitled to one.

In my opinion it is a very niche title and it does surprise me a bit that quite a few people don't seem to believe or perhaps achknowledge this. It doesn't make it a bad game... just not something that everyone's going to love. Just like many RPG's. Too Human is what it is... a love it or hate it game (for the most part). I know not everyone is this way... but it feels as though some of these writers feel they need justification for their purchase from other people or other sites. Gamers should just enjoy the games they love and not worry about what others think or say about it. Unless of course someone's spreading misinformation or something like that. There's always exceptions.

Bleem3603734d ago

If only the world was that simple dude - the important thing to remember is that reviews can make or break a games sales figures.

Too Human might be fantastic to a small group of people, but when the general opinion out there seems to be 'its broken' that's going to put a lot of people off paying £45 for it, some will even wait til it can be had for £20 in the bargain bins.

All this amounts to is lost sales for the developer/publisher and less likley we'll see the sequel anytime soon.

What ever way you look at it, a bad review can only be bad for a game. There's no escaping that.

LeShin3734d ago

Maybe this should teach fanboys that reviews and review scores are just OPINIONS and nothing more. Just because someone didn't like it, it doesn't automatically mean you won't. If someone doesn't like the music you listen to, would you stop listening to it? If someone hates the your favorite movie, would you stop watching it? Reviewers gave GTA 4 a load of ten's, I picked it up on launch day and definitely did not agree with them and I traded it in after a time. Lair got slated by nearly every reviewer, but I really enjoyed it.

You have a mind of your own people, use it. Rent a game you're not sure about and if you don't like it, don't buy it.

For the people that only buy games that get a 9 or 10, man I pity you as your game collection must be rerally small and probably filled with shooters :)

Montrealien3734d ago

"If only the world was that simple dude - the important thing to remember is that reviews can make or break a games sales figures."

many poorly rated games have sold very well. Like movies, since when are critically acclaimed movies box office blockbusters? It does happens, but not all the time. You did specify that it "can" make or brake a game's sales figures though, and that is the important thing to remember.

TOO PAWNED3734d ago

This is really going out of the bounds .... who cares if game suck, cant we move on or should we be forced to love it?! Really this is to much, every single day there is at least 3+ articles about 2 Human and why it sucks or doesn't suck, what Dennis thinks, those homosexuals from x play, etc. Enough is enough!

Montrealien3734d ago

said the multiple account person with an account created specifically to mock the game....oh the irony.

Atomic3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Or maybe the game is really mediocre and Too Human defenders believe in some kind of conspiracy against the game and Dyack.
this game would have gotten the same criticism regardless of the console that it's tied to.

strotee3734d ago

At first: "OK, so it got average scores, some 70's, 80's, and even a 93 from a Greek magazine that 3 people have heard about, not a bad game. Good job MS."

(insert 20 odd whiny interviews from Denis)

Then: "I feel bad for the guy, he spent a lot of time with the game, was practically married to the concept for 10 years only to end up with people dissing it."

(insert Kevin outburst & never-ending whining from Denis/websites)

Finally: "OMG, STFU, I hate this game with a passion and glad it's not all that it was cracked up to be. I'll go postal if I hear the words 'Too Human' ever again."

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