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Submitted by ZeroTolerance 3526d ago | preview

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Preview

ZTGameDomain explores Capcom's upcoming action title for the XBox 360. (Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Xbox 360)

KoRnALIVE   3526d ago | Spam
OutLaw  +   3526d ago
I would love to see somebody criticize this game.
This game is a thing of beauty. Like I said before Capcom is showing us some love with this and Dead Rising.
deepio  +   3526d ago
This preview just tells us about the demo....that we've all played anyway?!?!

What's perplexing though, is how does this have a 2007 release date? I mean how much more do they need to add? Its already looking polished to me!
KoRnALIVE  +   3526d ago
Capcom said they're not finished with the game, and they're using 60% percent of the power of the Xbox 360.

and by the time they're done the game will look even better.
TheMART  +   3526d ago
I loved the demo already, it kicks *ss big time
DG  +   3526d ago
Lucidmantra  +   3526d ago
Agreed... Demo was alot of fun and cant wait to play the full version.
KoRnALIVE  +   3526d ago
"We've probably only hit about 60 per cent of the Xbox 360's potential," says Keiji Inafune.

PS3 fanboys say something now b1tches
andy capps  +   3526d ago
Probably less than that
Probably less than 60% considering it will take years for devs to get everything out of the each of the consoles. This game does look sweet though. Dead Rising looks bleh to me. Maybe it's the low res screenshots I've seen but it's not doing anything for me. Seems like a video game version of the old Dawn of the Dead.
FamoAmo  +   3526d ago
Has to be atleast 60%
The Demo was killer. The sound, graphics were top notch. If this game is only using 60% of the power of the 360 I can't wait to see 90-100% it will be unbelievable!! # 6.1 I am not flaming you but seriously until you play the demo I wouldn't say sh!t about this game. Best DEMO released so far for the 360!! This game is up their with GOW if you ask me!!! KILLER APP no doubt. I also thought the release date was Nov or Dec. of 06!! It better be b/c they have been making this game forever!!
Lucidmantra  +   3526d ago
aricha has a point it is 60% of what they THINK it will do. But over time what they think can be 100% can be increased due to tool improvement, optimization, and minor system upgrades and changes. Good catch and very educated post.
andy capps  +   3525d ago
Thanks 6.3
Thanks for the props. I try to look at things as unbiased as I can, but I will admit that I lean more towards the Sony side (and obviously you lean more towards MS due to your name :)). But yeah I think all consoles will take a while to fully tap the power. That is why I get frustrated when people say that Xbox 360 games that are finished (and some are in the second generation) are looking better than PS3 games that are 6+ months away from release. It defies the laws of logic to think that unfinished games could be judged against finished games.

Either way, this game looks nice. :)
Lucidmantra  +   3525d ago
I have no problem with Sony fans.. who are educated and know their stuff and can present a rational arguement and talk intelligently about the realistic facts of 360 vs. PS3 and the realities involved. I HATE little whinny PS3 13 year olds as much as I hated them in World Of Warcraft and love griefing and harassing them until they cry to mommy or go out and get intelligent and learn about what they are talking about. There is nothing wrong with being loyal, there is a problem with blind obediance and ignorance of facts.

Peace, I am sure we will clash or maybe have but at least we can clash and agree to disagree at that time on an intellectual level. I will probibly have a PS3 at launch also so we might even meet on PSOnline when something worthy comes out.
andy capps  +   3525d ago
Sounds good to me man. Maybe even on Xbox live, if/when I get a 360. Peace!
PS360PCROCKS  +   3526d ago
This is definetly my 2nd favorite demo behind test drive, looks and plays spectacular
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3526d ago
so many good games...
the demo is great, the game is going to be even better. this has some nice original touches, capcom are about to reclaim their gaming crown with stuff like this and dead rising.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3526d ago
yeah definetly, I love the explosions the most, not sure why but they look so cool and realistic.
Bill Gates I Am  +   3526d ago
Mmmmmm, I'm loving it.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3526d ago
ok mcdonalds man
Bill Gates I Am  +   3526d ago
Call me Roger McDonald and I might sing for you.
KoRnALIVE  +   3526d ago
Mcdonalds is so grows!
ACE   3526d ago | Spam
PS360PCROCKS  +   3526d ago
MISSY E  +   3526d ago
WoW! and I thought cover girl was mean...
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ACE   3526d ago | Spam
zinnia  +   3526d ago
^^ M.E. i think you're right!
Does anybody know how this dude's going to dig the Mechs out of the snow & ice?...
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COVER GIRL  +   3526d ago
What are two bitcches talking about lol, im not mean. I would never call video game fans f@gs ect, i can't see a woman calling people homos because of games. Lost Planet will bring some thrill back in this industry.
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ACE   3526d ago | Spam
clayton  +   3526d ago
Hey fellow 360 owners read this:
AS if you didn't already know! LOL

Sony has just postponed the launch of its Blu-ray players again, which prompts the question: Is Sony really going to get the PlayStation 3 out this year, even in Japan, and if so, what sort of specificaiton will it have? There seem to be few or no real facts around, but there are plenty of negative rumours.

Over at, for example, their "Phantom Insider" points out that "Fully functional PS3 betas still do not exist" and suggests the specification will be downgraded again. Either you can't get enough Cell processors at the promised speed or the machine still runs too hot: "The current designs despite having vents all over the place apparently still cant dissipate the heat to sufficient levels", says Kotaku's PI.

The promised compatibility with the PlayStation 2 is also a problem, which Sony is apparently solving by sticking real PS2 chips inside -- at least temporarily.

Since this implies the PS3 hardware design may not really be finished, the obvious solution would be to put it in a bigger box. However, the PlayStation 3 is already the biggest console ever -- even bigger than the original Xbox.

These are just the latest problems in a string of missteps that started with the faked Killzone video shown at last year's E3 games trade show. The result is that Sony's credibility is diminishing fast.

So where did it all go wrong? In my view, Sony has made two big mistakes. The first is the design of the PS3, which seems to be too ambitious for the company to handle.

The whole idea of a games console is that it should be cheap and relatively simple to mass produce -- and cost reduce. That suggests using (mostly) known parts. You can get lots of buyers if your console provides better games than a PC that costs three or four times the price, and that is less hassle to maintain. Trying to produce a console that is ahead of PC technology and costs two or three times as much as a PC to manufacture is insane -- especially since console buyers won't pay an economic price. But that's what Sony is doing.

Sony's second big mistake is strategic, and concerns its use of the Blu-ray disc format.

The PlayStation 2 certainly benefitted from providing buyers with a cheap DVD player as well as a games console. However, the DVD format was agreed in 1995 and the first players went on sale in Japan in 1996. The PlayStation 2 wasn't launched in Japan until March 2000, roughly four years later. By the time most US buyers were shopping for a new games console, DVD was already an attractive and established format.

If Sony intended to repeat this successful strategy, it should have included Blu-ray in the PS4 in 2010-11.

However, with the PS3, Sony is attempting to do the reverse, and pull off a strategy that has never worked. Instead of capitalising on a successful video format, it's trying to use the PS3 to establish what is starting to look like an unsuccessful one.

Look at it this way. The original smash-hit PlayStation was launched in 1995, the same year that the two competing high-density CD camps agreed to back a single format: DVD. What would have happened if Sony had refused to agree a compromise with Toshiba's SD (Super Density) format but decided to use its own system in the PlayStation in 1995 -- and sell it at twice the price?

Would you have bought one? I don't think so....

PlayStation is a huge brand and may well be strong enough to swing it, but there's still a sting in the tail: the more PS3's Sony sells, even at $600, the more money it loses.

It's a safe bet that Microsoft's bean counters have noticed that Sony is financially vulnerable, and I'll be surprised if Sony isn't walking into a price war. And if you have to fight a price war, it's better not to face a company with $38 billion in the bank.
deepio  +   3526d ago
Oookkkay...that's great but...what has this got to do with Lost Planet? Honestly, why does there have be a console bashing comment in every single news post.

PS. I'm an 360 before you say anything.
ACE   3526d ago | Spam
COVER GIRL  +   3526d ago
So PS3's still melt huh?
ACE   3526d ago | Spam
andy capps  +   3525d ago
Nope, just 360's. PS3's haven't been released yet....
slugg  +   3526d ago
All that stuff you said is true, but a better comment to tweak those PS3ers would be to point out that we can play a demo of this quality already, the final game will be even better, and their system is looking more and more unlikely to make it out this year...

Here you go
(hands Sony fanboys a kleenex)
ACE   3526d ago | Spam
TheMART  +   3526d ago
palease, can those fanboy comments be left behind?

It's about Lost Planet this time
OutLaw  +   3526d ago
It's true
It is about Lost Planet. This game doesn't need anybody to defend it. The game could defend itself. Anybody who played the demo would know the potential this game has.
Lucidmantra  +   3526d ago
100% agreed alot of fun to play... good graphics and the room for an interesting story.
Marriot VP  +   3526d ago
trust me
a consoles full 100% potential can't be reached in the first 2 years. Them saying they've reached 60% is somewhat misleading. Because you know the games in the 2nd year were blown away by 4th and final ones.

It may be the raw power but it isn't the refined code later on that makes consoles more graphically powerful than PC's.
Schmitty07  +   3526d ago
Simply Amazing
This game is awesome, but I can't beat any of the demo levels. On the akrid one, I always die at the boss in the hive because he's too hard to avoid. On the base infiltration one, as soon as I get past the first part, and move through the big red door I get raped by several mechs and snow pirates.

But I still play this every once in awhile. The game is overall fun to play and I also can't believe we have to wait till 2007
OutLaw  +   3526d ago
You're not the only one
I notice that. I clean the area outside the door. But once you get pass the door. It is like Armageddon on the other side.
DG  +   3526d ago
How to win.
Both levels have a mech that you can ride. Use the mechs and do a double jump, jump and press the jump button again and hold it it will give you a jet pack boost. With the mechs you can use both guns at the same time L+R Trigers with the armadillo aim for his tail the other one pick up the rocket launcher and fire one at him as soon as you walk through the door get rid of it and run to the mech.
THis game is off the chain. The first time I played it I actually got a feeling of urgency and pressure. Havent got that from a game since the MGS on PSOne
#21.2 (Edited 3526d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
shotty  +   3526d ago
I was stuck on the red door aswell. You have to make a right after the red room and there is a mech. Once that mech begins to break there is a second mech alittle further in that area.
OutLaw  +   3525d ago
Thanks for the info
I'm going to try that tomorrow
REDMOND BOYZZ  +   3526d ago
This will be a dam good game.
sonyISgod   3526d ago | Spam
sonyISgod  +   3526d ago
Who is that dude, are you triping on crack or what? I don't know whom are you implying me to but I'm just stating my "FACT" opion on this title. Yet you seem to be disagreeding with me and calling me by a name that I never heard of before. Get real, you know that you want the PS3 too, just that you can't afford it like us Sony fans. yah for real man.
#24 (Edited 3526d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheMART  +   3525d ago
The writer of this message must be ssj04 (man are u famous or what?), ps3lordNOT, ps3isgodNOT or ps3willruleNOT

All 360/xbox fan's vote cool even if it was just to freak ssj04 out of his little pony's pink room (reason why he's frustrated and likes the Gaystation)
MISSY E  +   3526d ago
Can't afford PS3 you don't know what the hell you're talking about ssj04.. ssj is PS3Lord ect.
#25 (Edited 3526d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sonyISgod  +   3526d ago
get real dude.
You the one that don't know what you're talking about. ANd again why are you calling me SSJ04 and PSLord, but yet I had seen there post and to be honest, they sound very intelligent and well worded there comment also. I would love to have a chat with them about how godly the PS3 will become, but untill then I'll just chat with you guys and share our Opion.
Lucidmantra  +   3526d ago
Obviously we are dealing with an inferior intelligence. This guy might actually be stupid enough to NOT KNOW how to turn his ps3 on. I wont even go into about how you removed all doubt you are those people in that post with your comments.

TheMART  +   3525d ago
you're a freaking Corky

all these imaginary characters in your head that explode on this website use the words:




or when you were corrected multiple times:

'sad' and 'pathetic'. Or the sentence '360 will burn your house down' multiple times.

So this will be my standard comment on your posts:

The writer of this message must be ssj04 (man are u famous or what?), ps3lordNOT, ps3isgodNOT or ps3willruleNOT

All 360/xbox fan's vote cool even if it was just to freak ssj04 out of his little pony's pink room (reason why he's frustrated and likes the Gaystation)
PS360PCROCKS  +   3526d ago
someone backhand him PLEASE
heihoosilver  +   3525d ago
How could that guy tell the game is and the graphics are ugly if he never played it?
Secretly did he have a xbox 360?
I play the demo and i can tell you thats a game that give pleasure and will to play like just a few others.
Go play white your ps3 dud.
A thought: pherhaps he hates xbox because he wants one but can´t have one.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3525d ago
dont know why, the 360's are available now

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