3D Realms On Duke Nukem Forever: "It's Just A Matter Of Time"

PSXExtreme: "Why we keep playing along with this ongoing joke, we'll never know. Perhaps we're just fascinated that an imaginary game can get so much attention, even when the tiniest bit of news surfaces. Well, whatever."

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Winter47th3763d ago

Tomorrow's a matter of time, 5000 years later also is, a specific date though is what most were anxiously waiting to hear for a decade now.

Rock Bottom3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

The day that never comes.

Gazman3763d ago

Will anyone here be surprised if this game flops big time

Rich16313763d ago

I am pretty sure it is gonna tank. 3D Realms seem to think that over the ten years, the hype is growing and growing but in all seriousness, 90% of fans like myself have moved on and just don't care anymore.

pwnsause3763d ago

its just a matter of time till they announce the release date, which is 2087, i dont even know if i will live till that time.

Venomous_13763d ago

A Matter of "Waste of Time"

Who cares just cancel this game haven't even seen anything worthwhile recently on this game.

Nukem Stayed in the previous Gen.

Excalibur3763d ago

Well not really a "fear" but how old is it gonna look and play?
They have been working on it forever so how up to date is the tech?

Rich16313763d ago

3D Realms said it was using a heavily modified version of the Doom 3 engine. would have looked really good, like...3 years ago.