Warhawk v1.5 Patch Live, OFS Live In Europe

SCRAWL: "If you're looking for a reason to start playing Warhawk again, then today is your day. First off, the v1.5 patch including trophies and custom soundtracks has been released over the PLAYSTATION Network.

Second off, if you live in Europe, the Operation Fallen Star booster pack is officially live. It will go live in North America later today."

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Magnust3736d ago

crappy expansion packs, i hate them for making them region locked. until they dont release some goty edition or something with the expansions included i wont be patching my copy, if its not possible for me to get 100% i wont even get started.
love the game tho too bad i wont be playing it again.
now bring on those burnout trophies!

Marty83703736d ago

If ya don't like it, don't buy it. Quit moaning.

I'll be getting it for sure.

therealwillie3736d ago

erm i'm in europe and i don't see it... via the store or the ingame download screen

micro_invader3736d ago

Man, I'm jealous of all you guys, I won't be able to play this for at least 3 weeks :(

Although, when I do get on I'm downloading this straight away.

therealwillie3736d ago

seriously.... its not there! how can rubbish like this get approved without knowing if its true.... and jamie si approved it? what the hell

Vip3r3736d ago

Some people got it as part of a DLC pack. It isn't out on it's own yet.

therealwillie3736d ago

that doesn't matter vip3r, none of the servers are even up to play OFS.... even if you did get it you can't play it. and the "article" doesn't mention that in order to get it you have to buy the double booster pack, sorry but this is bullsh1t

Time_Is_On_My_Side3736d ago

lol, we are still talking about an add-on, right?

therealwillie3735d ago

yeah.... you've missed the point altogether

Vip3r3734d ago

This isn't BS. You're being pedantic and need to get a grip.

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