Xbox 360 Goes Arcade, For Reals writes "That's right, the Xbox 360 is going coin-op. Arcade industry newsletter The Stinger Report (via trade site Highwaygames) brings word of the Arcade Station T2. Arcade Station T2 is in the vein of Nintendo's PlayerChoice 10 arcade machine from 1986, by bringing the home experience to coin-op. It's outfitted in a traditional upright cabinet design, but features two Xbox 360 controllers and memory card slots. While it supports "system link gaming", it hasn't been revealed that whether that refers to LIVE support or not."

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bcooper563758d ago

Why would microsoft do this no money can be made?

DarkSniper3758d ago

Another money laundering tactic by Microsoft. Dark Sniper figures that since their platform is not selling any units, the best desperate choice is to make a coin-op 360. This news has to be some of the most disappointing and hilarious news to ever be released on

What's worse is the reality. The reality is that when Dark Sniper wants to enjoy some social activity with friends, he must walk past pimple faced, unsanitary virgin Microslaves who will be drooling over this catastrophic mess. To see 10-12 Microslaves in the arcade room marveling over the less than stellar Halo 3 really would make Dark Sniper use his Sniper rifle on a Microslave.


WengYong3758d ago

The worst decision ever. A coin op 360 ?? Thats plain dumb. I wouldnt pay for it. Stuff that

AAACE53758d ago

But if this gets more people to try out the 360, it could lead to more console sales! But the odds of that happening are slim.

WengYong3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Who's gunna go to pay to play a 360 ?? I wouldn't pay to play anything that wasn't arcade. Arcades are even dying thanks to consoles. I don't think it will work.

But you are right, theoretically it could work, and if it did it would be great for sales

Ozzyb3758d ago

Electronics stores let me play for free.. If you are interested enough in a console, I don't think playing for a little while on a coin-op machine is gonna make up/change your mind. This is really stupid.

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