Pre-Orders: LittleBigStickerBook at Circuit City

As you can tell from the Little Big Planet News Site, "Sticker Mash-Up" is one of Little Big Planet's favorite ways to customize in LBP. And now you can decorate your own items with...

The Exclusive LittleBigStickerBook @ Circuit City

You can customize any and everything in LittleBigPlanet, but why limit yourself there. Imagine stickers on your books, stickers on your locker, stickers on your stickers...the possibilities are endless. Head to your nearest Circuit City and pre-order LBP and receive your exclusive LittleBigStickerBook filled with sticker mash-up goodness.

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BigBaehr3760d ago

Now I have to cancel my Gamestop pre-order. I'm good with that ;)

Imallvol73760d ago

you want the sticker book?

jwatt3760d ago

I think Gamespot has the best deal, I wonder does Amazon have any pre-order deals?

n4gzz3760d ago

I dont want sticker. I want Nariko SACKGIRL

Prismo_Fillusion3760d ago

I want Nariko sackgirl *and* Kratos sackboy.