GameDaily: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Review

Last year's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 left GameDaily sorely dissatisfied. EA Sports unnecessarily tweaked the gameplay system, leaving them hooking and slicing on every other swing. Worse yet, the buggy online interface ended up needing more work. A year later, EA Sports has learned the errors of its ways. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 shows vast expansion in every area imaginable, resulting in the best current-gen golf game yet.

First and most importantly, the gameplay is fun again. Rather than being stuck with an erroneous swing system where hooks and slices are commonplace, it feels more natural this time around. You can still score bad shots if you don't pay attention to wind trajectories and thumb motions, but overall it returns to the basics that the series has become known for. If you feel that the analog system is too much for you to bear, the classic three-button press system is still available, Overall, it's a dynamic control set-up that's fun, with birdies, eagles and even a couple of aces in the realm of possibility. GameDaily is glad EA Sports put needed stability back in this area.

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